The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 91: Exposed!

The Sand Ninja didnt care about these kids and they were about to take over this cave.

The Ninja who cast the fire Jutsu wasnt even considered to see the result of his attack.

But the next moment stunned everyone in the place.

Naitos punch destroyed that technique completely!

The cracks on the air spread out in every direction surprising everyone.

The scene was so terrifying and unbelievable!

“The hell is this power!!”

“Impossible! how could this kid…”

“Shit, run away!!”

Just when they realized the situation they wanted to retreat, but the cracks have already reached them.

Even Yahiko and Konan didnt believe what they saw.

Getting hit by this kind of power directly will only mean death!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

In the blink of the eye, all of them got hit by that enormous shock.

Their eyes were full of panic.

It was shocking and unbelievable.

One single attack turned the event upside down!

When the shock hit those Ninjas they all fell down on the ground dead!

Even if youre a Jonin its really hard to survive after you get directly hit by Naitos attack, let alone these guys!

At that moment, the entire ground in front of him got destroyed and there was nothing but emptiness.

After a few seconds, the rain began to fall again.

At that moment, Yahiko and Konan who were behind Naito stood there quietly, they thought they were daydreaming.


Naito destroyed everything in front of him

These guys were Ninjas! yet they all got killed by Naito!

“Naito… Yuu Naito, you…”

Yahiko got speechless, he couldnt complete a single sentence, he had that unbelievable look in his eyes.

On the other side, Konana couldnt even say a word, she just kept looking at Naitos back.

“Well, although am an orphan like you guys, but… I am also a Ninja.”

Naito turned around and looked at Konan an Yahiko.

“You… youre really a Ninja, I thought you were bluffing.” Yahiko looked shocked.

“Theyre also Ninjas, but the gap is too big!”

Looking at the destroyed ground, then at the Ninjas who were all shut down by Naito this easily, Yahiko couldnt help but panic.

After that Yahikos face become so pale the moment he thought about another thing.

Since Naitos strength is so strong, he should be undercover!

Does this mean his identity got exposed by them?

does this mean they will be next!

The moment Konan thought about the same thing she felt like these were her last minutes in this world, she knew that theres no way to escape.

Naito noticed the look on the face of these two, he looked at them and said: “Go ahead and clean up, you cant live in here anymore.”


Seeing how Naito didnt change at all after he exposed his identity, Yahiko felt relieved.

However, despite this, he couldnt act the same way around him like before.

After nodding, he walked into the cave.

On the other side, Konans pretty face recovered its color again, after that she smiled then looked at him.

“Thank you…”

She understands now that Naito didnt need to help them in the first time, and there wasnt need for him to save them the second time too.

But still, Naito helped them.

But the scene of Naito wiping them all with one blow didnt leave her mind.

Naito smiled and said: “Theres no need to thank me, you wouldnt be in this much trouble if I wasnt here.”

Naito meant by this sentence that if he wasnt here, Yahiko wouldnt set that fire, and the Ninjas wouldnt found out about this place.

Then Yahiko and Konan would have met Nagato, then Orochimaru and Madara, then they would have been taken away.

But now, this story seems like was it changed a little bit after his appearance.

After killing a whole unit of the Sand Shinobis they cannot keep living in here anymore, and with the help of Naito, the moving of the resources should be easy.

With the help of Naito, theyve managed to easily build a wooden house in a hidden place.

Naito didnt know if he will ever encounter Nagato, but he knew that it was impossible for him to die, as long as he has those eye he would be fine, the most important thing is that he doesnt turn to the dark side.

In the wooden house.

“Yuu Naito, take this.”

Konan gave him a cup of hot water with a respectful expression on her face.

Naito took the cup and smiled at her.

the treatment became different.

“You sit down fist Konan.”

Konan sat aside.


Looking at Konan who was obedient, Naito couldnt help but feel happy, yet he was a little bit uncomfortable.

She was too obedient.

Its surely natural to treat Naito this way since he turned to be so strong.

Yahiko sat along with them, but he looked like he wanted to say something, finally, he looked at Naito seriously then start talking.

“Yuu Naito… Please teach us how to be like you.”

Yahikos eyes had a hint of hope, he knew it was too rude to ask, but hes also was so sure now that its really impossible to survive in this world this way.

And if he ever wanted to be a Ninja he will need someone to teach him.

He knew that this is a long shot, but still, he needed to ask.

Naito looked at Yahiko who looked so passionate, then looked at Konan next to him.

He noticed how she had the same look on her face, at that moment, Naito made his decision.

Now that youve interfered with their life you cant back off, you need to complete what youve begun!

Looking at Yahiko and Konan, Naito calmly said: “Its not easy to become a Ninja, this road is too hard.”

“Were already living a hard life.”

Yahiko said that while his eyes were flashing, he surely made a point, and Konan seemed like she was approving what he said.

Indeed, theres nothing harder than living as an orphan in this world.

Even Naito had a pretty hard time in the beginning.

Therefore, Naito finally nodded.

Seeing how he finally agreed, Yahiko finally had felt relieved, then smiled at him, while Konan looked so pretty and grateful.

“Well, then shall we start with the basics.”

With a serious look, Naito put the cup on the ground and start talking.

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