The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 92: Kusanagi Sword

> “Mystery! The Shadow of Death!”


In the next moment, the figure of Kinjin suddenly fainted, then suddenly, a couple of clones appeared in all direction surrounding Naito.

After that, all of these clones waved their swords.

The swords also fainted for a moment then countless sword clones appeared covering every space around Naito, there was no way to escape.

“Genjitsu? Clones?!”

Looking at this scene Naito shook his head, then his face became more and more calm.

The most fearless thing to Naito is these kinds of techniques.

In the face of this attack, Naito only needed one punch to destroy them all!

Simple and easy, Naito thrust his sword in the ground, he pushed his fists toward his chest while leaning, then he hammered both sides.

At the same time, the countless swords and the shadows were about to stab Naito in every place in his body.


In the next moment, the shock broke out, and the space on both sides of Naito collapsed like a mirror.

The ground started cracking and breaking from the two sides spreading out to a distance.

As for the clones and the swords they fell in the technique of Naito!

“Not good!”

Kinjin who was mixed in those clones, when he saw this scene, he suddenly showed a shocked expression.

He apparently didnt expect Naito to be this strong and launch such an incredible attack that can target every direction.

In this shock, he couldnt do nothing but injecting his Chakra into his sword and then waving it at the same time Naitos attack was about to hit him, after he blocked Naitos attack he fell back.

Until he completely understands Naitos power, he will obviously wont fight recklessly anymore.


Due to the attack of Naito, Kinjin got numbs all over his body, he became more amazed by Naitos power.

At this time, Naito had the same expression on his face.

But it wasnt because of Kinjins power, but because of the sword in Kinjins hands!

He finally saw it clearly.

This is a Kusanagi Sword!

What a coincidence to have the Kusanagi Sword come right in front of Naito.

Moreover, the more he fought with Kinjin, the more he had a stronger feeling about this sword.

Although he didnt understand whats the meaning of this feeling, he couldnt ignore it.

Naito looked at Kinjin, and couldnt no longer calm himself down, and suddenly he revealed his killing instinct.

Naito already understood Kinjins power.

Because hes a holder of a Kusanagi sword, the strength of Kinjin is stronger than a Jonin, Its enough to be at the level of an elite, and it has the power to threaten even an Anbu.

The Kusanagi sword is not just a sharp sword.

It doesnt only have the ability to carry the Chakra, but its also far stronger than the sword in Naitos hands, its even stronger than the sword of the White Fang Hatake Sakumo.

At the same time, its a unique one.

The Sakura Dance and the Shadow of Death are special abilities of this sword itself.

Even Orochimarus skills that require the sword to do it are special abilities of the sword itself.

To put it simply, its similar to the Seven Swords of the Mist, each one of them has special abilities, and each Kusanagi Sword has the same thing.

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