The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 94: The True Identity Of Yuu Naito

Naitos killing instinct was all over the place.

Although Naitos instinct is not at the same level as Madara, its still not a weak one.

Therefore, Naitos instinct was enough to affect the atmosphere, and change it to a very cold one.

Kinjin did the same thing and revealed his killing instinct.

This time, things got really serious, with a simple move of his sword, Kinjin waved his sword.


Suddenly, a blue aura appeared on the blade of the sword.

In fact, there isnt a lot of people who infuse their Chakra Blades with their Chakra Flow, but Naito happened to be one of those few people.

When the Kusanagi sword absorbed the Chakra, the edge started to shine with a weird a color.

It looked like it can cut everything, even the sky!

When Kinjin lifted his sword, the momentum of his movement constantly started to rise.

At this moment, it looked like the sword and Kinjin became one person.

This technique is not considered as a Ninjutsu.

This technique is originally used by Samurais, its a pure swordsmanship technique.

“Swordsmanship… Flash!!”

The moment he said this sentence Kinjins eyes became so horrifying, and his whole figure suddenly become blurry as he quickly dashed toward Naito at high speed.

Looking at this scene, Naito didnt choose to use his power of shocks to block him, because he remembered that the Kusanagi sword has the ability to stretch.

He also waved his sword slowly, then an invisible aura appeared on his blade.

The naked eye could hardly see it, but you can easily feel the trembling of the space around it.

Suddenly, Naito waved his sword.


Kinjins sword and Naitos crossed their edges.

The collide was so strong that the space around them start to crack and shatter.

But this is was only due to Naitos ability.

Space continued on cracking.

Suddenly, a crack appeared on Naitos sword then it started to spread out a little by little.

On the other hand, Kinjins sword looked harmless.

The sword just… should he get rid of it?

Kinjin looked slightly skeptical because he just used one of his strongest attacks, but it wasnt enough, it should be hard to block even on the Anbu Captain.

He shouldnt have survived this attack.

This thought just crossed his mind and his expression became more serious, then he looked at Naitos eyes.

At the same time, Naito looked at the crack on his sword.

“Its not a question of power, but its about the quality of the sword itself… is it really a Kusanagi sword?”

Naito whispered that then a slight smile appeared on his face.

Naito put more power into his sword.


From a crack, Naitos sword got completely broken, the longsword instantly turned into a short one.

Seeing this scene, Kinjin suddenly got terrified.

He got shocked by the fact that Naito could fight equally against him after his user his swordsmanship skills, he didnt even get injured, yet he also fought back at him, and the only thing that stopped him was his broken sword.

His instinct sensed the danger, it was like a sixth sense you gain after being in countless times of life and death battles.

He clenched his sword tight, while he had a cold sweat on his forehead.

At this moment, Kinjin didnt have the slightest doubt that this person in front of him is so strong.

With half of his blade on the ground, Naito didnt pay it any attention he held the remaining half, then he took a little glance at Kinjin.

“Its my turn now to make a move.”


In the next moment, Naito moved so fast that his body disappeared and flashed on the ground in multiple places.

His speed alone terrified Kinjin.

Kinjins speed is higher than Jonins, hes even faster than most of the elites.

But now, Naitos speed is actually faster than him!

Kinjin didnt notice that when Naito started moving there was a slight blue light flashed on his body.

This is not the speed of the Eight Gates alone, its also enhanced by the Lightning Armor Technique.

Naito didnt rush toward Kinjin directly, he moved so fast around him and surrounded him.

Finally, Naito lifted his half sword in his hand, and the sword again had that white glowing aura around it.

“Earthquake Release: Kuzure the Lightning Armor!”


The next moment, a white energy sword flew toward Kinjin.

“Come on!”

Kinjin screamed, and with both hands on his sword, he tried to make a move, but suddenly his expression changed.

Almost at the same time, not just one, but several White Energy swords where flying at him from different sides.

A total of five Energy swords completely surrounded him, its unavoidable attack!


Kinjin got more terrified, he just saw what one energy sword can do to his Sakura Dance Technique.

The five energy swords didnt hit Kinjin directly, but they burst directly in the air a few feets in front of him.


In a second, the cracks horribly spread in all directions.

This is the first time Naito uses the Kuzure technique and be able to create five energy swords, the power was a little bit amazing even for him.

One sword shocking energy can crack the space like a mirror.

But the effect of the five together is completely different!!

After the five energy swords got burst, the whole area around Kinjin start trembling and cracking, the cracks start to spread out toward Kinjin who got surrounded in the middle, after they spread out, the cracks got all connected together.

Forming a horrible scene of broken glass!

However, the range was so wide.


The moment they got connected in the center, the cracks spread out into Kinjin then start tearing him apart, he couldnt move, he couldnt resist, he couldnt even cry if he wanted to, the shocks continued on hitting him, and he couldnt even hold his sword anymore, he opened his hand then it fell to the ground.

At the same moment, Kinjin followed it and got crushed on the ground!

However, this wasnt the end.

Even when he was on the ground, the crack followed him then slammed him while he was on the ground.


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