The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 95: Naitos Kusanagi Sword

The power of the shock destroyed the whole area.


The sound of the breaking bones was clear, it was a horrible sound, and a horrible scene, Kinjins body was trembling and shaking so hard from the shocks.

Finally, the effect of the shock stopped, and Kinjin vomited a lot of blood at the same time!

He had an incredible look on his face, he didnt think that Naito could pull out such a Technique!

His secret techniques and Naitos Kuzure cannot be compared, the power is simply different!

On the field.

Naito himself was amazed by the power of the Kuzure with five energy swords.

Naitos body was slightly trembling, the ability had a damage over time effect on him, but Naito could easily bear it.

All of sudden he noticed that Kinjin has disappeared, and there a hole in the ground, Naito got a little bit surprised.

Is this another one those techniques that can make you hide underground?!

The trembling finally disappeared, Naito looked at the ground under his feet then he pressed it with his hands.

“Earthquake Release: The Art of Moving!”


The shock was so strong, theres really a big gap between the time when he used it against Uchiha Samui and now.

The ground started shaking like it has gotten smote by the heavens.

The whole ground started moving and waving while the cracks started to from where Naito was standing, then spreading out in all directions.

At the same time, the entire area was shaking and trembling madly.

Yahiko and Konan who were far away from the area felt the ground shaking.

What is happening?!



Kinjin used a secret medicine that can temporarily suppress injuries, then he prepared himself to retreat from another root, currently, he was gonna give up on this mission.

Naito is so strong, he cant defeat him this way, if he wants to kill him he will need to prepare an assassination.

But before he could even figure out what he will do next, a strong shock reached him, and the whole ground start collapsing!

“Not good!!!”

Kinjins expression changed suddenly, he felt the danger, he was so afraid, but he needed to do something, suddenly, he held his sword tight.

“Secret Technique: The Dance of the Fallen Leaves!”

Suddenly his whole body became lighter than wind, then he started to dodge the fallen rocks.

The roof and the underground kept cracking and collapsing madly.

This move was one of the Kusanagi sword abilities, the only reason why Orochimaru didnt use these kinds of abilities, was because it didnt suit him, he only used techniques that can match his own abilities.

But Kinjin is different, his whole kite of skills is developed around the Kusanagi sword abilities.

After he got hit by Naitos technique, Kinjins body was injured badly, using this technique made a heavy pressure on him.

“It seems like theres no way to escape… Huuuh… Then the only…”

At this moment, Kinjins expression changed, and his eyes got so cold.

He wants to fight back!

The next moment, Kinjin held his sword, then injected Chakra into the blade.

The sword glowed with a blue light, then the whole sword started stretching.

In an instant, the blade reached the interface above!

On the ground, the sword appeared under Naitos feet, who was preparing himself for another attack.

Seeing this scene, Naito didnt get surprised, but he whispered something.

“Is this your final attack?”

With one move, Naito dodged the sword, then he dushed toward it.

The Kusanagi is only a sword after all.

Its only sharp from one side!

With his bare hands, Naito gently pressed the back of the sword.


Suddenly, the power of the shock got injected into the sword then spread out on the whole blade.

The blade was trembling so badly but it didnt look like it was gonna break!


The shock started to spread out until it reached Kinjin who was holding the sword.


Kinjins reflection was so fast so he let go of the sword directly.

But the shock broke around him, and once again he got damaged.


When he let go of the sword, it quickly shrank, and because Naito was holding the end of the blade, it shrank directly toward his hands.

“The Kusanagi sword, I finally got it.”

Looking at the Kusanagi sword in his hand, Naito smirked.

Suddenly the sword in his hands started shaking.

This is wasnt due to Naitos power, it was the sword itself.

It looked like it was speaking to Naito, its as if it has a soul on its own as if its alive.

However, average people cannot sense the will of the Kusanagi sword.

It can be sensed only… Only by people who forged the sword itself.

Kinjin endured the pain, then he forcibly rushed out to the ground to see how Naito was holding his sword, then he immediately dashed toward him.

He wanted his sword back.

However, the Kusanagi sword was as calm as ever, it wasnt trembling anymore, its as if it accepted Naito as its new master.

Kinjin suddenly printed a hand sign.

But the sword didnt respond to his call, it got completely controlled by Naito!

How the hell did this happen? how did he control the Kusanagi sword in this short time?

Theres no one alive who can do such a thing, theres only…

Yes, this is was the only answer.

“Impossible!! Youre from the Kusanagi Clan!! there are still members from the Kusanagi Clan alive?!!”

Kinjin said that with a disbelief expression on his face while he was looking at Naito.

Yes, Naito came from a small village.

Yes, that small village was built by the Kusanagi Clan.

Naito is one of the Kusanagi Clan!

His name should be Kusanagi Naito, but since they didnt know his clan, they added Yuu to his Name, the most common name.

The one who destroyed the Kusanagi clan was the Sand Village, and Kinjin was one of them.

After they heard the news, Konoha naturally couldnt let the Sand Village possess the Kusanagi swords, so they sent people immediately, but it was too late.

The Shinobis of the Sand already left the place, and the Shinobis from Konoha only found Naito in there, so they took him back to the village.

In the original story, Orochimaru hands were sealed by the Shiki Fuusin, so he was commanding the sword by his mind, the Kusanagi sword belongs to the Kusanagi Clan, the true owners of the sword, so Naito is capable of doing the same thing naturally.

And the only reason why he was able to sense the sword this whole time was because hes the true owner of the Kusanagi sword.

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