The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 97: The Rescue

More than a half month has passed away.

Naito finally mastered the first stage of the Lightning Armor Technique, and if he wanted to go any further, he would need to start training on the second stage.

After he mastered the first stage, he got a full control on the form of the first stage, he no longer has this blue aura on his body anymore.

Naito estimates that when he reaches the second stage, he wouldnt have the same form, maybe he will have the same aura as the third and fourth Raikage had when they used this technique.

When he mastered the first stage, Naitos body got stronger, his bones and muscles gained some enhancement, his body gradually matured, and his skin gained a healthy bronze color.

Naito is only ten years old, but he looks already like a fourteen o fifteen years old.

Its not only because the people in Naruto world look older then they should be, it also due to his physical training.

The growth of his body increased the enhancement of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou too.

Originally if he wants to open the next gate, the Fourth Gate, he will need to train his body for more than a year the reach its standards.

But, joining this war didnt leave him anytime to train!

It wasnt only because of the war, he also needed to teach Konan and Yahiko for some time too, he also had to get out from time to time to hunt and scout some Shinobis.

If this continues he will need from three to five years to open the next gate.

But practicing the first stage of the Lightning Armor technique helped to reduce this process.

Its been a few months since he entered the Rain Village, practicing this technique every day is equivalent to two days of practicing physical exercises!

Naito predicted that he will only need half of the time to reach the next gate standards.

However, he needs to master the abilities of his Kusanagi sword which is not that easy.

After he shook his head, Naito thought about the remaining Kusanagi swords, they may be in the hand of the Sand Village, he needed to target those guys too, anyway, if any of those swords approached him to a certain range around him, he will sense it.

If he didnt find it in the battlefield, Naito will need to sneak to the Sand Village at the time of the war or after.

In addition, Naito needs to get his hand on the secrets of the second stage of the Lightning Armor technique too so he will need to go to the Cloud Village too.


Naito exhaled, then he stood up, and the blue aura around his body disappeared.

He walked out of the room and went to see Konan and Yahikos training.

Koana and Yahiko were about the same age as Naito, so their practice progress was so fast too.

In this world, the younger you are the faster you learn.

And this age is the best to learn controlling Chakra.

Therefore, their current amount of Chakra was almost close to the level of Chunins, and Konans Paper Ninjutsu was finally developed.

After they learned Ninjutsu, they were already strong, its unlikely for them to be threatened by ordinary people.

Naito nodded, but he wasnt that satisfied.

At the same time, Naito was feeling a little bit helpless, Naito was looking for Nagato everywhere but he couldnt find him.

Nagato seems to be completely missing!

This is made Naito really confused.

According to the usual schedule, Naito went out again to a nearby town.

The Rain Village is not that big, and there arent so many towns.

So in almost every town, there will be some scout Ninjas from Konoha.

Its worth mentioning that the news of Naito killing Kinjin went all the way back to the village, everyone got shocked by this incredible news, and after a long silence, they asked if he needed anything.

Of course, what Naito really needed was the secrets of the second stage of the Lightning Armor technique, however, there wasnt any replay from Sarutobi, it seems like they couldnt grab him this wish.

After he went to that town, Naito managed to scout some ninjas from the Rocks, then he killed them after he got the information.

After that, Naito went to find the Ninja who is responsible for delivering the information.

There is a special way of delivering information on the battlefield, and the Anbus way is more special.

They were using the oldest way in the book.

The scroll must be opened in a special way, otherwise, the scroll will destroy itself, and all the contents will be erased.

This method is absolutely confidential.

Naito didnt receive any information from Konoha for a long time, most of the time he was the one who was sending information.

Finally, he received a scroll from Konoha.

After he took a corner Naito cracked the special seal, then took a glance at its content.

But from one glance, Naito suddenly sent a fierce aura around him.

This action almost exposed his identity, but he didnt care.

He couldnt control himself, he almost crushed the scroll in his hand.

The information in the scroll was: Tsunade and her Team has been ambushed by the Rock Shinobis, she got forced into the area of the enemies, the situation is critical, and Naito needs to go immediately and rescue her.

Tsunades strength is at the same level as an elite Jonin, or even as an Anbu.

Yet the word they used here is not “Support”, but “Rescue”!

Theres is a big difference between these two words!

This shows that the situation Tsunade has encountered is a real crisis, otherwise, they wouldnt use such a word.

After taking a deep breath, Naito destroyed the scroll then left the place immediately.

When Tsunade in such a bad situation, Naito cannot ignore it, the story is already changing too much, and Naito cannot be sure that she will be okay.

So he needed to go.

The scrolls had a specific information about the location, and the route was on the same way where Yahiko and Konan staying.

Therefore, Naito decided to speak with them first.

If the route was in the opposite direction, Naito wouldnt lose time to inform them, and he would go to the location directly.

But because he didnt want to lose any time Naito used his full speed and returned to the camp.

Konan and Yahiko were still practicing.

Naito went there and told them to keep their head low for the time been, he asked them to leave the place and head toward the nearest town.

They should be safe there.

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