The Yandere’s Sect Master

A Pitiful Person\'s Discipleship

eaded toward originally. After only 10 steps I stopped and slowly turned around. There stood the person from before with the large pouch of coins held near their waist, they seemed a little surprised that I stopped to look back.

”What are you doing? ” Just as they looked surprised, I was a little confused on why this person started to follow me. ”Are you going to follow me? ”

After blinking a few times they finally responded… with a few nods of their head.

”I hope you refrain from doing so. ”

Turning around I kept walking down the alley. Another 20 steps and I stopped once more, the reason being the same as before.

”Stop following me! ” This time I wasn so gentle with my tone of voice. I even took a step forward to scare them a bit.

Their reaction was like what I expected, their body shook a bit and even took a step back. Their eyes even trembled.

This should stop them, fear is a huge driving factor for many situations. Surely they won pursue me now. This child surely can be so persistent and stubborn right?

After another 20 steps I felt they were finally going to give up and stop, but then suddenly I noticed them moving behind me in almost zigzag motions. Using Qi sense at my level I could easily keep paying attention to their heartbeat within a 100 meters for a few years without so much as a sweat.

I knew they were doing this so they could ”Stealthily ” follow behind me, but at this point I had given up trying to tell off the child. Id just watch how this would play out. After leaving the city I still had to go through woods and then a minor mountain range before reaching my sects own mountain range. If they manage to follow me to the minor mountain range Ill do something about it.

Exiting the city was a clearing with nowhere to hide how would they follow me now?

Apparently they just didn , at least until I reached the forest then they ran out of the city after me.

The forest had many places for them to hide, not that it mattered, but that wasn exclusive to them. I used it too and even hid my tracks at times to see how great of a tracker they were. I found it quite amusing whenever they looked stumped, turning left and right looking for me. I never completely erased my tracks though always giving them at least a few clues to use. I of course never stopped moving to give them any advantages, but they somehow still managed to find the last location I left in time and Im sure they caught numerous glimpses of me just fading away into the distance especially towards the end.

There was even a time I saw a monster-beast come close to them, but using my sword I controlled with Qi I quickly and quietly dispatched them before it got close to that child.

We were nearing the end of the forest so I decided to almost completely erase my tracks this time and even only gave them 5 seconds before I would completely disappear into the small mountain range. But before I could even reach the 3rd second she spotted me.

Are they learning to track as they
e doing it? They were gradually getting better without me noticing? Maybe I should have been paying attention instead of just trying to mess with them.

Quickly walking out of the forest I disappeared without them noticing and hid behind a tree to gauge their reaction.

As the child walked out of the forest and stared into the mountain range I wondered what was going on in their head.

Suddenly they dropped the large coin pouch they had been carrying this entire time. The act confused me, but what confused me more was what came next.

They dropped onto their knees while peering at the mountain range, their eyes began trembling heavily before it all came flooding out. Like a valve had burst their tears flowed as they sobbed quietly. Only a few muffled sounds came from them, mostly silenced by the layers of clothing they had covering their mouth. They brought their head down to try wiping the tears that flowed on their little hands.

At this point I realized I might have gone too far and reappeared in front of them without them noticing. Picking back up the pouch of coins I extended it out to them once again.

”Here. ” This time my voice was significantly softer than before when I yelled at them or even when I first spoke to them.

Reacting as soon as they heard my voice they looked up to stare at me for a moment like they were making sure I was real. Their sapphire colored eyes were glistening from tears and reddened from crying. After a moment they directly hugged me.

”Please…don leave me…I don want the money… ” Their soft voice entered my ears as I was shocked from their sudden hugging of my legs. Hearing their voice only reinforced the idea of this person being a child in my mind.

I didn expect such a strong reaction to me returning. It didn seem like much to me, but I guess what I did must have heavily impacted them earlier.

”Ok, I won leave you… How about this? You can join my sect as a disciple. Ill be sure to visit you when I have time, ok? Im a very important person in the sect after all. ”

”En… Big Brother, Ill go with you. ”

Making them a disciple wasn just a spontaneous act though, from their talent of tracking and ability to learn perhaps they could become another top expert for our sect.

”So whats your name? Im Ip Jiang. ”

”M-my? Its… Xue Jinzi. ”

”Xue Jinzi, huh? Nice to meet you, here keep this. ” Tossing them back the bag of coins. All this time Id been holding this bag of groceries, since I have to carry a person; I guess I finally have to get rid of it. With a flash the bag of food disappeared into one of my left handed rings.

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