The Yandere’s Sect Master

To Stay or Not to Stay?

d just a few steps higher than the ground, being for both Yinger and I respectively. Taking the first few steps 6 large columns on either side raised the roof up.

I was currently in the main room of the Grand Hall, the one mostly used for congregations. Towards the back 2 corners there were doors leading to separate areas such as an area for administration. The aforementioned area was the one I was currently heading to.

Along the way over I kept thinking of the same thought, how should I start to distance myself from that new disciple?

Should I just simply make up some reasons? This would be the easiest way to distance myself with. Maybe saying that without me being there would stimulate her growth. Either way the faster I can think of a good reason the better. Just from this mornings accident alone felt like it was enough for me to want to never see her again. Why couldn I think of anything at the time though? It was like I completely blanked out, forgetting simple and easy actions I could have taken to prevent that from happening.

I entered one of the doors on the right before shortly reaching a room which looked like a study ahead. It was where I did most of my duties as the sect master. I sat behind a desk most of the time here and read through some reports that my disciples come deliver every once in a while. The only thing out of place for the study was an additional desk.The two desks were towards the back two corners both facing the center of the room which had a sofa and small table.

The reason there was another desk was because of Yinger, she insisted on adding another desk into my study so we could be together while working. I didn think much of it and just did as she said.

Before I could even step foot into the room an alluring voice came from the room

”Husband, youve returned! ”

Right when I turned the corner into the room Yinger appeared out of nowhere and hugged me. She wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me down slightly and I hugged her around her waist.

When she released me I got a good view of her clothing. She wore an elegant pure white Hanfu gown. The skirt was large and long, but just barely didn touch and drag across the ground. On the cuffs of her sleeves a small trail of silk could be seen especially when she waved her hands or arms around.

Grabbing onto my hand she led me to the sofa and sat me down. She sat next to me and leaned onto my shoulder as she asked a series of questions.

”Did you escort her well? Did you have any trouble along the way? ”

”It went well, there were a few little problems she faced, but overall it was good. ”

I can tell her that this disciple somehow managed to see her husbands sleeping dragon.I don think she would believe me when I would say that I just ”suddenly ” forgot how to teleport at that exact moment. Ive been calmer in life and death situations, but a little young woman just happens to be too much for me?

”So have you decided on how to detach yourself from this new disciple? ”

”No… I thought about it, but I don know what I should say exactly. ”

”Hmm, how about we go and speak with her together? ”

”Together? ”

”Of course! If you feel it might be a little too hard for you I can help confront her. You don have to do it alone if you don want to. ”

”You know, that doesn sound so bad. After we finish our work here we should go together. ”

”Alright, now that thats settled lets get to work. ”

She stood up from the seat and headed toward the rightmost desk.I stood up heading to my desk as well and once I sat down I picked up one of the nearby reports.

It was from my 5th disciple, with a quick run down the report was about an event thats scheduled to occur in around a month or so. I skimmed through the report and from the looks of it the event seems to be a low-level event for those who are just starting to cultivate in which they try to hunt as many monster beasts as possible within a set period of time.

This must have been what she was talking about earlier. Luckily it seems I picked up the perfect person for this competition! How convenient about the cultivation requirements as well, it was like this event was handcrafted for her to do well in.


As we walked the pathway to our new disciples home Yinger walked beside me without revealing a trace of how she acted when she and I are usually alone such as when I came home yesterday. After a while of walking we made it and I knocked on the door.

It didn take long before the door opened and an excited girl enthusiastically hugged me.

”Big Brother! You
e here! ”

”Hey, Im not alone this time. ”

”Huh? W-who is she? ” As she hugged me she poked her head around my body to peek at Yinger.

”Do you remember what I told you earlier about being married? This is her, My wife! ” When I turned back to signal to her I saw as she gave a small wave towards Xue Jinzi.

”O-oh so this is your wife! S-shes very beautiful. ”

”Oh why thank you! I believe you look quite immaculate yourself, but please refrain yourself from making unnecessary contact with my husband. ”

”O-oh okay, why don you all come in to chat? ”

”That sounds good, come on Yinger. ” When I headed to the living room there was an odd amount of time in which no one came over, but that changed after a bit and Yinger followed by Xue Jinzi entered soon after.

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