elax. Suddenly she appeared as I drank and she happened to pick a table near me. After the first glance I looked away and continued to appreciate the tea I drank. It was similar to the Tieguanyin tea I had in the past and just drinking it in this world brought back a few memories.

Out of nowhere she started speaking to me. At the time when she spoke with me she was like an elegant woman of high class, completely different to how she is when shes with me now. I don even remember what we spoke about, only the fact that we had somehow managed to keep a simple conversation going for quite a while until her own tea came. Once it did she suggested moving tables and sitting with me, it was nice to have company I thought at the time so I accepted.

I thought at the time she would only be a nice acquaintance I would make for an afternoon, but I was wrong. Unknowingly this woman would seem to just keep appearing again and again in my life. Slowly, but surely the other suitresses I had were becoming overshadowed by her. I saw them less and less and yet saw her more and more.

A low splashing from the pond was heard and woke me up. Taking a glance at Yinger I saw and heard her calm and shallow breaths.

Oh? She fell asleep? How cute.

Picking her up I tried to be as gentle as possible so I wouldn wake her. From the exterior pavilion to the front door, up the steps, and to bed. Moving the bed sheet over I slowly and lightly laid her down before covering her back up. Entering the bed from the otherside I lied there gazing at Yinger.

”Hmm… Husband… hehe~… ”

Oh, dreaming of me? How nice.

When I woke up it was quite early in the morning. Yinger was still asleep so I had to go quickly to give my little pseudo-disciple some things. Quietly exiting the house I made it to the steps before I started flashing down them. I could teleport exactly down to where I want to be, but such actions require a strenuous amount of Qi.

When I reached the door I gave it a few knocks and waited a moment. Hearing no movement I took out a few things from my storage ring before beginning to slide them under the door, but just before I slid the final item the door just opened.

”Big Brother? What are you doing here so early? ”

Seeing that she was here slightly shocked me. Did she somehow manage to hide the sounds of her feet? Or did she fall asleep here just at the door? If she walked I should have heard her steps no?

”I was just coming here to give you a few things, but now that you have them Ill just leave. That letter should explain everything. ”


(Xue Jinzi)

e already here, why don you just come in and tell me about them? ”

*Crack* Mentally another crack appeared within my mind

Huh, did he really want to leave without telling me anything? Sure he wrote a note, but hes right here now.

”Please come in! ” I pushed open the door all the way so that his figure could enter and hesitantly he did.

After picking up the few items on the ground I led him to the spot we sat at yesterday and once he sat down on the sofa I sat right in front of him on the floor.

”So what were you doing with these? ”

”Well they
e a few things to help you with beginning your cultivation. I would have taught you today, but my wife needs me. ”

Wife needs me? Is this her way of getting back at me? Ahh! They
e too close together! I need to find a way to separate them, or maybe I have to resort to blackmail? But how am I supposed to find anything bad about him?

”The first item is a manual so youll know how to start cultivating at the beginning Body Tempering realm. Each realm is separated into 3 major stages which also contain 3 minor levels each. All for a total of 9 levels, each major stage greatly boosts your power. So even if you were within the same realm if you were at different stages then theres a good chance that the higher of you two would win.

The second item is a movement technique manual. I noticed when you were tracking me before that your speed was quite lacking. You were able to trail me, but just barely so I felt that you would like to have this. You also have plenty of room to practice this technique around. The mountainous forest around your house ranges far and wide, but I would still advise against going too deep in.

Finally the last item is contained within that little bottle. Its a pill to help your cultivation during the Body Tempering realm, but be warned in the future you will have to expel the impurities of the pills.You should never let too many impurities build up or else it will stagnate your cultivation.

Thats all for now, I should go. Ill answer any questions you have tomorrow. Goodbye! ” With a light wave he stood up and quickly left. I didn even get a word in before he disappeared from my house.

Looking down at items in front of me I contemplated a bit.

So this is cultivation? Its a lot simpler than I thought it would be. I just have to follow these instructions and Ill become a cultivator like Big Brother is?

Placing down the bottle and movement technique I sat down where he sat and opened the Body Tempering manual. There was a slight warmth left behind by him, one which I wholly welcomed. Any lingering remnant of his I have to quickly take advantage of.

Once I become a cultivator I can stand up against that wife of his right?

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