It was a surprisingly normal quiet day for the LOV, Shigaraki in particular, until…

”Hey Shiggy~ ”

”Toga, don call me that. ”

”Oh come on! Let me have some fun~ besides, theres no more blood nearby. ”

”Toga, chill we can do a perimeter later. ”

Toga would do this about three times a week, and it got on Shigarakis nerves. Now, Shigaraki loves to fight, but Togas constant thirst, can only be tolerated to a point for Shigaraki. And his tolerance for it, was 10 times less than Twice. Speaking of Twice,

”Can you go ask Twice if your so impatient. I have work to do. ”

”Hes out on a mission though!! ”

Toga then hit Shigaraki with some puppy dog eyes, which made him wonder how Twice keeps up with her.

”Fine, Ill take a break. ”

Shigaraki knew asking her to go see Dabi was a no go, since Dabi can stop visiting and having lots of…. fun….. with his boyfriend, so taking her for a perimeter was the only choice.

”Im going to take the south side, you take the north. When your done, Ill meet you back here. ”

There was no need to w

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