Has he seen any fire? I hope not. We have 1/4 of a mile till we are in view, keep running.

Sukoshi-Kurai Sato (Su-co-she coo-ra-i sa-toe) was a 21 year old, Non-binary Bisexual, who had a fire quirk. They were known as Kurai for short. They could make pretty much anything out of Fire. They were kicked out when they were 15, so they had been alone, and running off property for a while now.

There it is!

Kurai had lead Shigaraki to a cliff, where they had a whole plan to be peeled away.

Kurai got into character, stopping inches away from the edge, looking scared.

”Well, regretting your choices now huh? ”

Shigaraki was faster than they thought, but still, it won hurt to speed it up.

”What do you want? Money? Blood? Or just someone to molest? ”

Kurai loved that line, for one reason: the way they said it, and for the first expression on someones face.

”Now why would I tell you? How stupid do you perceive me? ”

Kurai hated when people actually told them what they wanted, which happened everytime, but this time, was different.

”Wow thats definitely a huge surprise! I definitely don perceive you as stupid, who told you that?!?!? ”

Kurai knew they were pushing it, they liked the rush. Almost, look for the body language.

Shigaraki then started to get stiffer, taking a few steps forward.

”Well, you are at a dead end, trapped. If you tried to escape, it would be truly pathetic. ”

Alright, make the click.

”Well, theres one thing you don know. ”

”And what is that? Your daddys coming to save you? Oh my Im so scared! Like he can do anything. ”

”Well what if… ”

Kurai then looked over the cliff, bringing their hands up, then taking a deep breath, looking back at Shigaraki.

”Well, what? ”

”How high do you think we are? 200-300 feet till the tree tops? You probably won be able to make it. ”

”Suicide? Seriously? Thats better than getting captured? ”

”Who said Suicide? ”

And then, Kurai jumped.

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