When Kurai jumped, they immediately got into gear. They balled their fists, getting ready to erupt, took two quick breaths, closed their eyes, and sprawled maybe a little to much. For show, it would be sad if they didn see my preformance.

Then, they unballed their fists, and let it out. Purple fire erupted, and shaped into wings, and Kurai took flight.


They then flew down, touching the leaves of the tree tops, then flying up, toward Shigaraki.

”Didn expect that, did you? ”

Kurai smirked when they got eye level with them.

”….. um…. ”

”Oh come on! Thats your best reaction?

”You have a fire quirk. ”

”Yep, And? ”

”You can….. manipulate… ”

”Yes, And? ”

”You…. ”

”One more thing your missing dear. ”

Kurai was getting annoyed now.

”You…. ”

”Wings. I have wings. Which means?

”You….. ”

”I can fly. I can literally fly. Anyway, it was fun messing with you, but imma go! Stay flaming! ”

And Kurai was off, to some place far away, or perhaps closer, who knows.


Here you go! Doubts? Part 2. I really like how I am doing the plot, and try to be a couple chapters ahead, comments are great motivators, and even you guys just reading it. I want to be an author someday, and really just like writing over all, if you have any ideas for future chapters, PLZ I am begging you to tell me in the comments, and if there is anything you would like me to change, (Besides name, pronouns, and the fact they are Bisexual) then let me know, I will try to incorporate it.

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