It was night time now, and Kurai was getting ready to land somewhere, until they saw U.A. Now, Kurai didn hate heros, they just didn want the hassle of the heros Interrogating them and asking them why they were flying.

alright, we wanna land in some small city, not this.

They did a wrap around, and went back towards the LOV.

Might as well sleep in the trees.

Kurai didn like hotels. Rooftops were nice, but treetops, even better.

They found the same one they had fallen asleep under earlier that day, and landed.

”Alright, so you go That way, up towards the cliff, but you go back, then to the middle tallest tree, ok. ”

Kurai sighed, and started walking.

dang, the forest is nice at night.

They continued walking till they decided it was to slow, even when they Gay walked. So, what is the solution? jump up, and push off, like flying, from tree to tree, which they did of course.

close, Just gotta turn here.

To get to their destination, Kurai had to pass the LOV, now usually they would just fly, but with the incident today they didn want to risk it.


They climbed up a tree, to a little landing.


There was a little hide away up there, with a hammock, a few books, some food (of course), and some fairy lights.

Kurai sighed, and walked to the hammock and jumped in it, turning on the fairy lights.

”Beautiful… ”

But then a portal appeared and they were pulled in.


I am currently working on chapter 7, and I don know what questions they are gonna ask (the LOV will be asking these questions), so if you have any ideas, PLZ comment them, even head cannons. I might make it where Kurai finds out they have another quirk, Im not sure. Thoughts on that? Plz comment them!

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