—At the LOV—

”AAAAAA WHAT THE F- ” Kurai was about to start throwing punches, when they felt someone knock them out.

”Damn kids… ” was all Kurogiri had to say.

—A few hours later—

Kurai woke up to a strange room, and tied up to a chair.

”hehe, typical… ” they chuckled seeing rope was the culprit.

Next the door opened to see a person who looked very burnt, and another person that looked like a psychopath drinking from a blood bag.

”Alright, what were you doing so far into the woods here, twice today? hm? ” The very burnt person asked.

”whos the burnt Chicken nugget? ” Kurai asked the Psycho.

”No need to know, now answer the question. ” The burnt chicken nuggie was starting to look annoyed.

”Dabi. ” was all the psycho said before continuing to drink from their blood pack.

”crazy, I think its time for you to step out… ”

”But burnt chicken nugget! I like hanging out with Psychos! ” Kurai mocked him smirking.

”YEA!! THIS PERSON AGREES WITH ME! PLZ UrNt ChIcKeN nUgGeT~ ” Psycho hit Dabi with the puppy dog eyes, which she knew she wouldn get a yes, but didn care.

”Toga, out. ”

Toga just stomped away with the blood bag in her hands, after giving a wink and a small lip bite at Kurai of course.

Kurai snickered, smirking back.

”OI, Im talking to you. ”

Kurai looked back to the burnt chicken nuggie, with a frown on their face.

”So? Im obviously not paying attention. ” Kurai said, rolling their eyes.

”What were you doing so far in the woods, little girl? ” Dabi questioned, getting eye level with Kurai.

Kurai looked disgusted at Dabi, ”Excuse me? 1. I am 21. 2. I am not female. 3. What the hell do you think? I was trying to get some peace and quiet until you bakas decided to interrupt it. Location, Location, Location. ” Kurai was going to slap Dabi in the face, but realized they still had rope tying them up.

Dabi tilted his head, ”What do you mean by you were trying to get some peace and quiet hm? And that quirk of yours, its quite impressive, to bad it won work in here though. ”

Shit! I should have thought it could be a ”no quirk room ”. Damn, Im so naive. Kurai now was almost visibly fuming. Forget slapping him, Im going to punch the shit out of him.

”Aright, we can come back to that one later, now. Explain that beautiful quirk of yours since I won get to see it. ” Dabi smirked, waiting for Kurais response.

”Like hell am I telling you shit dumbass. ” Kurai sneered. Welp, I guess all I can hope for is that Dai figures out where I am.


OH MY! Who is Dai? (pronounced day) Why has Kurai gone to hope? We will have to find out next chapter~!

Also, I see now (as Im about to publish this) we have over 800 views! I hope you guys like my story! I haven been writing for a while because I have had a bunch of writers block, but I didn want to give you guys a chapter that is too short without publishing something really soon after, so here you go. Plz comment any thoughts you have, any comments keep me motivated and I look forward to you guys feedback! If you have stones, vote! They restock daily you know~

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