—Previously on ”Shigaraki x OC ”—

”Like hell am I telling you shit dumbass. ” Kurai sneered. Welp, I guess all I can hope for is that Dai figures out where I am.


”Oi. Look at me when Im talking to you. Tell me, Your quirk, who you are, and why you were so far in the woods twice today. ”

Kurai then thought up a few lies, they knew that hopefully, their watch would pick it up, and maybe Max would do his little nerdy shit and get them a jet from the homeland.

”Well, if you really want to know, Ill tell you. ” Kurai said, after they sighed. They knew they had to use the 12-14 verse, in their and the Legency circle of Greece.

”My name is Elias. I can take peoples quirks and reuse them no matter the situation. I already told you why I was in the woods. Im from Greece, I like my Ice Coffee with extra mocha, two cups of cream, two spoons of sugar, and shaken not stirred. ” Kurai was dying of thirst at this point. They REALLY wanted coffee now.

”Whatever. Your not getting coffee. Don try calling anyone. They won be able to hear you, so don waste your time. ” Dabi said while walking out.

After Kurai heard Dabis footsteps disappear, They sighed, and looked at the ceiling. can call them, there are probably cameras, and no reason to say verses. I guess I just have to wait for Dai to send a plane and hopefully Coffee. ”Damn I really could go for some coffee and some Ramen. ” Kurai closed their eyes and fell asleep.


”Oi. Wake up. ”

”5 more minutes… ” Kurai mumbled.

Suddenly, someone slapped them. Left, 59 ”, 100 lbs, Male, with gloves on. They pulled their right arm up, and their left arm out. They then pushed the chair under them to the right, pulling their legs up, and kicking out while spinning to the left. The chair hit the wall and broke into pieces. Their rope came undone in seconds, but still clung to their wrists. It seemed they had cut it in half in their sleep? Or maybe their watch activated, who knows.



It was true. Kurai did this with their eyes closed. They then landed, and finally opened their eyes.

”Aye, Crusty man! Whats up my dude? Man, I could really go for some Ramen and coffee. Yall got any around here? ” Kurai was still hungry. Also, what is better way to mess with someone than to act chill around them, and make them think your guard is down? Im waiting.

”What do you think your doing? ” Shigaraki asked.

”Whats it look like? Im hungry. I want Ramen. Ill pay if you want some. ” Thats it, reel them in.

”Hands out. ”

”Why? what are you gonna do hm? OH MY DEAR GODS ARE YOU GONNA ASK ME OUT?!?! BRO NOT COOL. ” Then, Kurai pulled the last straw. They slapped him. In his crusty, moisturizer-less face.

”Your gonna pay for that. ” Shigaraki said, grabbing their arm. Then, Kurai with their amazing reflexes, wrapped their leg around his back legs, and pushed down.

”Hey bossman. Damn, your pretty light! ”

Kurai got up, and started to walk out of the rooms door, but Kurogiri blocked it.

”What do you want me to do, boss? ”

”Nothing. I have two last questions for you, Elias if that even is your real name, and then you will be free to go. ”

Kurai thought for a second, then sighed and turned around. ”Ok, what are they? ”

”Question number one: did you lie to Dabi? ”

”Yes. I did. An assassin always plays their cards right. ” Kurai smirked.

”Ok, well, Who are you really? ” Shigaraki sat up, Cross-legged.

”I don trust you. So I prefer not to say. ”

”Ok. ”

”If that is all, then I will be off. ” Kurai turned around, and stepped forward. However, Kurogiri did not move.

”One last question. ”

This guy is really annoying me… Kurai Turned around, smirked, and asked.

”Enlighten me: What else could you possibly want to know? ”

”Would you like to join the LOV? ”

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