you know even with Adam she still doesn take one, did you ask her out? He grinned. ” she invited me to her place for dinner at seven, ” great, show up ahead of time that will show her you are serious about being with her, said. Stacie, ” you giving me dating advice? Asked. Viktor, ” Kari is rare you do not come across blonde blue eyes every day, to get her impressed her, show up early, ask to help in the kitchen, ask about her, more or her less of you, unless she asks about you. He write everything she said down, ” thanks, he left. ” oh my god K he really into you, please tell me he ask you out. He is different than your ex-boyfriend back home said. Laura, ” relax I invite him to dinner tonight, she jumps for joy, ” this is a place of business, composed yourself, Laura, she told her. ” You won invite him to dinner at your place if he didn touch something in you K, what was it? Asked. Laura, Kari, took a deep breath and said. ” everything right, I must crazy in doing this, I. his freaking trainer said. Kari, ” you are in love with him, you got to tell him tonight Kari, ” hold up, that is not how this works, I can just flat out said that. ” why not, you like him or are in love with him, he wants to be with you, Kari. You can finally be happy with someone, said. Laura looks at her, ” who said I wasn happy. We will see how tonight goes first. Said, Kari. ” I see wedding announced in the paper, I see you getting married to him, and you carrying his firstborn, ” so you not only see that I married to him but having his kids, Kari walked down the floor, ” hey I speak the truth, you know it is going to happen. After a busy day, they all walked out of the studio and Kari locked the door, ” you know what you are going to wear? Asked. Stacie, ” yes, I bet this makes you both happy? Asked. Kari, ” we are the ecstatic boss that you are dating, said. Mike, ” he is perfect for you, I see the way he looks at you. Looks like you as his wife, his everything, ” what are we talking about? Asked. Adam, ” nothing, they planning my life, see you all tomorrow, she got in her car. ” I want to know what happened tonight K, said. Laura, ” you will by, she left. They got in their cars and left, she pulled up at her house and walked in after she put dinner on the stove and oven and set up the dining room table with candles, she got in the shower, she got out of the shower, and got dressed and walked back in the kitchen to finish cooking, it was six o clock and Viktor pulled up at her house, he followed her instructions to get there, he picks up the bone of long term white roses and the bottle of champagne, he makes sure he was looking nice and knocked on the door, she opened it, ”

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