Getting to know all about her

You look great, take my breath away. Said. Viktor, ” thank you, don look too bad enough, please come in, she invites him inside her apartment. ” I know small it is the only thing I could afford, I after got enough money saved up by working seven days a week, back to back, I finally had enough to buy my studio, didn realize that I only a little just for a small apartment. Can I get you something to drink? ” could you ask your parents for money? These are for you, Do you need any help? Asked. Viktor, ”I did before I left home, my mother just stirs why my father grabs me by my shirt throws me out of the house, and kicks me out of the family, by the way, you are early, I said seven, no I got everything ready. Thank you for the flowers, said. Kari, ”I want to make myself serious about you, I want to be with you, said. Viktor, ”I understand that Reno, I do, and also picking up on that Stacie told you to come early and ask me do I need any help. Said, Kari. Dinner was ready as they sat down at the table, ” so if I wanted to go and ask him to marry you, that would not be okay? Asked. Viktor, ” Reno we just having dinner as a first date, I like to date someone first before getting married to them, meeting my parents would not be a good idea since we are not on speaking terms, she drink some of her wine. ” did you say date? Asked. Viktor, eat some of his dinners ” yes I did, I know date means going out to eat or dance, I don have very much cash on me. But I wouldn invite you here for dinner if this wasn a day. Said, Kari. ” I guess not, who needs to go when we can make it happen here, he wiped his mouth and said. ” can I see you again what are you doing Tuesday I get a bag of popcorn and a movie, we can have dinner. Asked, Viktor. ” be a busy day for me on Tuesday, you want to go again, or are you asking me out? Asked. Kari, ”I asked you out, I just want to spend time with you. You are it for me, said. Viktor, the dinner is going so well, she starts telling about herself and just listening to her talk, as time was going by, they finished eating and he helps her to clean up, he has been fighting his urge to kiss her all night. ” may I kiss you? He asked. ” yes, so they kissed each other in the kitchen, ” wow, that was the perfect kiss. Im so in love with you, they kissed each other again, ” we need to make this official I am off on Friday if you want to get tomorrow night or in the morning. Said, Kari. ” Friday is good, I don have my match until tonight, what movie do you want? Asked. Viktor, ” how about a romance movie, what do you want for dinner? Asked. Kari, they kissed each other again. ” romance it is, anything that you fix, dinner was really good Kari. Said, Viktor. ” thank you, they finished cleaning up the kitchen, they walked into the living room and watch some Tv, he got the woman of his dreams, everything is looking up for Viktor. Except for a jealous Diva, ” look I don want to mix you and my career, there got to be a way that you can see me in action, said. Viktor, ” I couldn anyway, I have a business to run, said. Keri, they kissed each other passionately, ” I love you, Kari, I need you in my life, with you everything will be right as rain, he kissing on her neck, she moaned a little bit, ” I love you to Reno. they went back to watching the movie and kissing each other, ” do you have live monitors there? asked. Viktor, ” no, whats a live monitor? Asked, Kari. ” comes with a live wristband can do anything with them zoom image, call, and text, we should get them and the monitor, have the paper view events of MCW into it, that away you will always be with me, and see me in the ring, please can we get it to install in the studio, begged, Viktor. ” have the movie been over so was the date, she walked him to the door, ” thanks for dinner you are an amazing cook, said. Viktor, ” okay Reno, do you know anyone that can do all of that? asked, Kari, ” yeah I have a cousin that makes them, deliver them, and install them, I give him an now, they kissed each other. He got in called his cousin asking him to bring, install, and program a live monitor at his new girlfriends studio. he told me he be here tomorrow at ten, they hang up the phones, he sat down beside her again, and put his arm around her, ” he is here tomorrow at ten, and I will be there too before I head to the stadium, this night couldn be any better, as they fall asleep on the movie and it is now 6:00 pm.the movie went off, Viktor woke and rubs his face, ” babe wakes up, the movie went off the TV, said, Viktor. ” mm, oh its getting late. said, Kari. Viktor got up and stretched, thanks for dinner babe, everything was delicious, said, Viktor. He help her up, ” thank you, Im glad you enjoy it, this has been a perfect night, thank you for a wonderful night, he wrapped his around her as they walk to the door, ” what do you want for lunch tomorrow, asked. Viktor, ” knowing them they probably got us reservation toa restaurant, said. Kari, ” really they must approve on me, said. Viktor, ” oh yeah they see us married with kids, said. Kari, they kissed each other one last time before he left. He got in his car and left, she closed the door and locked it went into her bedroom.

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