the arena

Viktor and his cousin arrived and he installed the monitor on the center floor, Kevin, programmed Mcw events into it, and the wristbands, ” every paper view event will show on the monitor, with these you can talk and she will appear on your, and so will any match you are in, said, Kevin, he got in his truck and left, he strokes her face, ” I love you, my queen, talk to you soon, they kissed each other, ” I love you too, we are watching, you, he smiled and got into his car left, they walked inside the studio. can not wait to hear how was dinner was, said. Stacie, ” please god tell me that they are dating now, said. Laur. ” morning fit family, said. Kari, unlock the door, ” out with it Kari how was dinner? Asked. Stacie, ” do not leave out the details either. Said, Laura, ” can we do the paywall first, focus on the day? Its early. ” wait, wait she always wanted to do paywall after we close, they kissed, yes! Said. Mike, ” yes, dinner went well, in fact, we kissed more than once, I do not know what it is but I am in love with him, they cheer out except for Adam who does not have a clue what is going on, ” tell me there is another date coming up? Asked. Stacie, ” Friday, ” why not today? Sure Adam do not mind holding down the fort while you guys go out for lunch K, right Adam. Said, Laura, ”I not paid for that, my job his to run the floor, said. Adam, ”let us talk newbie, he takes him to the side. ” can you see he is the one for her, do you want the boss to be happy? Asked. Mike, ” yes. ” He is right for her, if the dates go well, and they spend more time together, we are talking marriage, and wedding announced in the paper, said. Tony, ” now they only get to go out few dates and don spend more time with each other all because you do not want to do your part, she ends up breaking it off, he ends up calling it off because they hardly see each other whose fault is that, she gets hurt again. Asked, Mike. ” you are new here still, so you will never be a manager on the floor until you back her back, that part is covering for her while she goes on a lunch date with him, stop thinking about you and more about the team. Said, Stacie. ” if you can look her in her eyes and say Kari go call him that you want to go out for lunch and take a few minutes, then you do not belong here, said. Laura, ” how you even know that she wants to be with this guy, ” she said dinner went well and they kissed more than once, were you even listening, know what you go back home I got this, K call him up to tell you to change it today at five you have lunch with him, I got the studio he not a team player K, said. Laura, ” we both are busy working, Laura, Friday is perfect. ” Kari Madison Christmas hear me, you want to go for lunch, we got the studio, do have his number right and he has yours? Asked. Stacie, ” yes, I can effort lunch outs, I breaking little here, I barely don know if I have enough to pay the light bill, I might have to make a trip home to see if I can ask my parents can I borrow, some. Said, Kari, ” my cousin is an investor he is always looking for an investment to invest in, and lunch is on us, we pay, said. Mike, ” and we make the reservation at the Waterfall view, for two, with candles and violinist, take all the time you guys needs, said. Laura, she looks at them. ” you must think he is the one for me? Said. Kari, ” that is a fancy elegant place, you need dress wear, I am in workwear, we have to get ready to open guys, ” yes I see us as your maid of honor, and a fit and wrestling wedding said. Laura, ”I see little ones running around getting into everything, I got you, I have someone bring the worse, said. Stacie, went to set up the studio and do the paywall. At the stadium, he walked up to his locker, Hunter walked up to him, morning Reno, how was your night? Asked, Hunter, ” amazing I had dinner with my future wife, oh my god Hunter I am so in love with her, she is everything to me, (babe you on, Kari my love,) said. Viktor, ” (yes, give me a minute, doing paywall count, and counting. ) said, Kari. ” dude she a diamond a dozen, where you meet her at? asked. Hunter. ” she is my trainer how you think I got built up like this, (so what the talk about today? oh Hunter my partner, Hunter my heart of diamonds Kari,) she finish the counting, ” (nice to meet you, Hunter,) they played Hunters music, ” (you ready babe to test this thing out, will you walked us down.) said, Viktor. ” ( is he fighting or you?) asked, Kari, Mikes cousin is there, ” (Hunter, ) they walked down the ramp, the fans get him on the back, as they made the way to the ring. Hunter got in the ring and throw his hands up, ” (they make us a reservation at the waterfall view and makeover. ) said, Kari. ” (its loud,) ” (what they got us a restaurant date, are we still on for Friday,) asked, Viktor. they played Raze music. He and his Divas walked out they jump up and got louder, Mike knock on the door. Kari got up in opened the door, ” (good luck Hunter I have t go Reno,) said. Kari ” (when you be back on,)-( ” I don know, but I will see you later on,) said, Kari, they went off their wristbands,

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