The path of forbidden cultivation

2 Chapter - Cultivation

Demons, monstrous beings that hide in their world excluded from the heavens, if it were not so, who knows how the world would be, we can only be grateful that it is so since these monsters are capable of surpassing cultivation for an entire kingdom, with one regeneration exorbitant that the more culture these beings have, the faster this regeneration is.

A long time ago, the demon sealers were in charge of sealing every demon in the land. Many Demon Lords and Demon Generals died in the fight, and many Immortals and demon sealers died in a dark era where every day there were exaggerated casualties for both sides.

The Demons in a desperate way returned to their kingdom, after the Demon King died somehow, thanks to this they sealed the Kingdom of Demons, the rest that is known about the demons became legends or simply disappeared.

”Ah~ Ah~ ” A young man started to run along with his mother.

”Yun Ah~ Keep running, go out there, Im going to distract them, ” Said a woman over 40 years old, who was running behind the young Yun, her clothes were stained with blood and in the distance, the strong footsteps of a crowd of people could be heard.

”Mom, don come with me, we almost lost them, ” Yun said exhausted and hurt, unlike his mother he had cut clothes and slight cuts on his skin, his mother was in a much more serious state and made it more than clear that she he wasn going to stay to distract himself.

”Run Run! ” She said pushing Yun.

Yun stared at him, before starting to run he ran without stopping, without air, without energy, bleeding, and with his muscles failing, but he kept running anyway, the screams of the people are heard behind him.

”Look, hes going that way ” an older man was heard, Yun saw him again and behind him, there are 15 more people and these people were armed.

Seeing this, Yun continued running, but the atmosphere became increasingly gloomy, the trees were seen with fewer leaves and the skeletons of people began to be seen more, which was disgusting and gave Yuns pursuers a chill, but Yun did not Do he care about that or well he was not in a condition to think about the environment he only has one thought and that is to run.

”That damn child brought us to this place, ” said one of his pursuers

”It doesn matter well just kill him and we won get out of here fast ”

”But this area is forbidden by the lord of these lands ” commented one with a trembling voice.

”Just shut up and lets kill this kid, ” said the man leading the crowd.

”OH! ” fried Yun when he almost fell down the ravine,

Mom… What should I do? Young Yun thought with tears in his eyes as he kept backing up as far as he could.


A strong being flew past, causing Yun to fall face first.

What the hell is that? thought one of the pursuers

”Ah~ what was that? ” Yun said looking again

”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thats delicious~, ” said the person with horns and misshapen red wings, and a pointed tail that came out from behind

”That-Thats a demon, ” someone stuttered.

Demon? Yun began to look a little at the supposed demon

Is that a demon? He looks like a person except for his horns and those red eyes…and those long black ones…well also those misshapen wings, is that a tail? Of course, it differs from humans.

The demon raised his hand and created blood spears to then launch them at all the humans within his reach.

Yun tried to dodge but couldn just rip a piece off the side of his abdomen, the impact made him step back and fall.

”Hey? ” Yun just watched as he walked away without realizing that he was falling.

”Shit, a wasted human body… ” said the demon to see the other human bodies again, even though he attacked them with a deadly technique, he did not attack them with the intention of killing them, he wants them alive.

Id have 17 humans if that kid hadn fallen over, but maybe its not impossible for a human to pass through, not to mention his lack of cultivation just makes me think he would have been incinerated upon reaching the gates.

Although the gates of the Demon Realm were closed, they were only closed by the demons with far superior cultivation, all around the heavens there were some cracks where the demon realm could be reached, even though the demons tried to get out only the who was in the first realm could get out, thus making it impossible for the true terrors of the Demon Realm.

”What happened? I just saw how I fell and AHHH! ” Yun grabbed the wound where a large amount of blood gushed out, while his tears began to come out of his eyes, maybe it was the lack of blood but his brain, his heart, his soul was broken since he was a child he was persecuted by people, several Cultivator once tried to kill him but his father sacrificed himself and his mother in the intention of keeping away the people who also persecuted him left him in this world they left him alone and weak without any knowledge to survive in this cruel and selfish world of cultivation.

”Hello? Are you OK? ” A black-haired woman with jade skin and red eyes, but she had something different she had a tail.

Is that smell of human blood? The girl walked over to where the smell was coming from.

I doubt it no human could withstand the barrier that is in the cracks of the Demon Realm.

Yun heard how some branches broke and with fear he got up and tried to run but his legs could no longer run, he is exhausted the only thing that kept him standing was the adrenaline of the moment.

”Tall! ” Said the girl and in blinking, she appeared in front of him.

”Tell me your intentions for coming to General Fengs city, ” he said in an imposing manner.

”Ahhh! ” Yun was shocked and fell back hurting himself.

”Hmmm? ” The girl seriously stared at him, only to realize later that she hadn encountered a Demon.

A human? I don even feel the presence of the Demon Sealers, its a simple human, without cultivation, I also doubt that it has escaped from the demon that just came out of the crack to hunt the humans that are near the crack The girl thought as she He came closer to see it more closely.

Its over… Im lost, in the end, the sacrifices of my parents were for nothing

”You think Im going to kill you, ” The girl said out loud.

”What? ” Yun whispered but when he saw the girl again, his skin prickled and he felt his world turn dark and he couldn see anything but the girl in front of him, her blood-red eyes left him breathless. he already felt bad from the injuries inflicted on him now he could feel 10 times worse than before, the fear inflicted by the eyes of a Demon.

”Ive never had a human to myself, I wonder what your flesh and that fear-infested heart will taste like ” Demons are known to devour humans, its not that they need to eat humans to live, they can perfectly eat other creatures, but in these thousands of years were eating humans is an exotic food for demons.

Yun swallowed hard, and even though he wanted to react, he couldn get out of that deep look that the demon girl directed at him.

The girl shook her tail with emotion and a mischievous smile appeared on her face, she took him by the leg and brought him closer, taking off his top clothes but he didn expect what his eyes were seeing.

Yuns body was bruised with purple bruises, scratches, and stones embedded in his body from arrows that have not been dealt with.

Gross, why is his body in this state? Seeing him like this takes away my appetite thought the demon girl, if she wanted she could eat it as it was but she is a high-status demon the humans she has eaten are always the ones in better condition since she doesn like to feel that their food has been touched by others.

She got up and grabbed him by the hair only to drag him to the city that is a couple of minutes from where they were, while she wondered if he escaped or come through the crack.

I find it pathetic. How come they let a human escape? I will have to talk to the commander seriously about this incompetence. Despite her thoughts, she had a bad taste in her mouth because it was not long ago that the demon came out to patrol around the crevasse.

Yun did not resist, he had no chance to escape with the speed of this girl in a few seconds she would reach him and kill him easily.

When they finally reached the city, they were met by guards wearing black armor and their helmets protruding from their horns.

”Miss Feng Xi, Im glad to see you back, ” a guard said.

Feng Xi simply ignored him and continued walking inside the city, the guards, seeing that he was dragging a human, wanted to tell him that they would take care of him, but they did not dare to speak to him, if they were disrespected, death would be one of the many worries that they would have to face.

In a place in the city in the main house, a woman with long black hair was sitting on her chair while tapping a finger on her armrest.

”That girl who was out of the city should be in closed cultivation ”

”My lady Feng, Miss Fend Xi has returned, ” said an older man who appeared to be a 40-year-old man.

”Commander go and bring my daughter ”

”Immediately, ” the man said before bowing and leaving.

Feng Xi continued walking towards her home which is on the other side of the city. Still, as she was dragging a human who had the appearance of being dead due to his bloody clothes and his lack of movement, many demons saw her again, but just as that the guards at the entrance of the city did not dare to speak to him.

The society of demons was no different from human society, after all the cultivation world is governed by the simple phrase the strongest is the one who dominates, of course, the demons are bloodier and more ruthless.

”Miss Feng ”

”General? ” Feng Xi looked at the older man again.

”I must assume that my mother sent you to find me ” said Feng xi

The commander only nodded and began to escort her to where her mother was.

When will they finish me? Yun thought, as he looked at the city of demons, it didn seem different from the society where he came from, but he felt better than where he came from, they don see him as a monster maybe they see him as a pathetic but it was still better than the look that people he met before gave him.

”Miss, let me take care of that human you bring, if your mother sees you, she would be angry for letting you out through the crack. ”

”So your son hasn returned? ” Fengxi commented

”No Miss Feng ”

”Ill keep it, Ill talk to my mother about something so leave us alone ” Feng xi said as he entered a large hall where his mother was sitting.

”Feng Xi, explain that to me? ” Mrs. Feng commented pointing to Yun

”Thats exactly what I wanted to talk to you about ” he lifts up forcefully and throws it forward, staying close to his mother.

What is this? Ever since Yun walked through the great gates of this home, his body began to tremble worse than when he saw Feng Xis eyes.

”I found him outside and the commanders son has not even returned ”

”Hmm, so you brought him here to see if I know about it? ” He got up from the chair and walked directly towards Yu.

”Thats right mother, from what I understand no human can enter the Demon Realm, obviously ruling out the demon sealers ”

”Even if it is a demon sealer, only high-ranking ones can enter, and even though they are high-ranking, it is almost suicide to enter this realm. ” Feng Xis mother commented with her nails, piercing Yuns skin and then pointing it at the mother. mouth.

Feng Xi did not comment on his mothers actions, he just stared curiously, Yun seeing her hand approach his eyes began to water out of fear the pressure he felt before became much worse to the point that he fainted and his body stopped working.

”And even though they were extinct, ” Mother Feng Xi whispered.

”Ill tell you something that happened in the time of the dark war ” He commented as he sat on his chair.

”In times of war something happened that I think is disgusting but the Demon King accepts it and ignores that fact ”

”What do you mean mother? ”

”Many demons reproduced with humans, some out of love, others out of pure curiosity, even though it seems disgusting to me to mix our blood with humans, I cannot deny that a good weapon arose in those times, humans with Demonic Physiques, their longevity increased despite even being mortals capable of living 200 natural years, the only defect was their cultivation for a demon increasing their cultivation is very slow and we are already born in the first cultivation realm for a human who is born as a mortal to become a cultivator it takes them almost 10 years, while a normal cultivator can last 5 years if they don have a talent for cultivation. ”

”That doesn explain to me. How did the crack get past? ”

”Wait Ill get to that part, when we had to retreat by the Demon Kings order, he also allowed humans to join the Demon Kingdom thus allowing him to enter our Kingdom, even though our Kingdom is divided right now by the daughters of the King in one of these territories is the only surviving human clan ”

”Survivor? ” I ask his mother with doubt

”Although I have already talked a lot, I think it would be wrong to leave you the whole story halfway ”

”When the daughters of the King fought for the crown there were 10 human clans and all were massacred, leaving only one and this one is in the Asmodeus territory, I will not comment more so do not ask ” He said while looking at Yun with a serious look and disgust.

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