”Your cultivation technique is quite special ” Mrs. Feng signaled to the guards and they took out some humans who were behind bars, Yun recognized their faces since they were the ones in charge of killing his parents.

But even though he was facing his parents murderers, he is more interested in knowing what Mrs. Feng was told.

Whats so special about it? He could only repeat that in his mind as the guards break one of the killers out of prison, even calling it pressure was only temporary since they would be the food of the citys demons.

”Your cultivation technique absorbs the true negative essence of their hearts, you can cultivate while they suffer or you can eat their hearts, ” Mrs. Feng said as she approached and quickly took out the assassins heart.

Satisfying in Yuns eyes yet also frightening, it pierced through his chest in such a simple way that anyone would believe that the body of that assassin was made of paper.

But the most surprising thing about this is that the heart continued to beat, even though the body no longer had a shred of life.

”Eat it and pass the first level of the spiritual apprentice ”

Yun took their heart trembling, it could be disgusting in the eyes of other people but in Yuns eyes, this was not the case even though his face was covered by his hair and Mrs. Feng could not see his expression.

Within seconds tears fell from Yuns face for Mrs. Feng, this only meant weakness, when she was about to open the boa to lecture him severely, she saw how Yun took the human heart to his mouth and ate it with great intensity as if I wouldn want anyone to take it away.

The truth is that Yun goes his days without eating trying to run away the little he ate on his quiet days were spoiled fruits, needless to say, the few memories his family had, so this was much better than many other foods that he has eaten in his life.

”Bring all the hearts and serve them on a plate, ” he said, looking at the guards out of the corner of his eye.

”Yes, Mrs. Feng! Immediately ” said one of the guards, both were puzzled to see how a human eats a human heart with so much desire.

Mrs. Feng sat almost in the middle of the entire street where the demons walked, watching as Yun ate all the hearts that were on the plate, his cultivation went from the first level to the sixth level of a spiritual apprentice.

Its a cultivation monster

Hes a genius

Many thoughts were in the heads of all the demons, but the most significant and the one that brought anger to everyone was.

Why is a human eating that?

The most valuable resource is he eating it?

The hearts of beings were a juicy resource full of power, the only difference is that Yun would increase his cultivation and the demons would only fill that great void left by hunger, even if the Demon Realm has resources to sustain hunger. the continent of the heavens this was not the case for the carnivorous appetite of the demons the only way out they had was to increase their cultivation to escape this endless hunger and be able to feed on both spiritual energy and other foods besides meat.

But demons are powerful beings from birth, inhuman regeneration, a strength that surpasses the limits of cultivation, a demon who is a spiritual apprentice will have the strength of an advanced spiritual apprentice, but a great power has its limits and while the blood of the demon is purer the better he can overcome these adversities, but even though he is the purest blood his progress is extremely slow.

”From now on… ” Mrs. Fengs eyes lit up a deep red.

”You will live like a demon, you will eat like one, you will fight with ferocity, I will see to it that you have that power. ” Mrs. Feng stood up.

”Tell me your name ”

”Y-Yun, ” he said nervously since he could feel in his gaze, that of an extremely strong being capable of doing whatever he wants with this city.

Mrs. Feng closed her eyes to turn her back on me and all the demons who saw her felt a chill, took a deep breath, and said loudly

”Human Yun is now ex-general Fengs disciple ” this message echoed in the ears of the demons, even the outside towns belonging to Lady Feng as well.

With this message, all the demons could only fear doing something to Yun, since even though Mrs. Feng had 3 children, none of them was her disciple, and the former demon kings former head general Mrs. Feng took a disciple and declares him of That way, it was a message to all the demons that are in their lands that touching a single hair was the same as touching a hair of their children.

9 months later.

”Yun wake up, I will kill you if you are late when big sister arrives ” Feng Xi yelled

”Yes… Im coming Ahh~ ” Yun said yawning and leaving the room.

”How are you sister? ” Yun said as he walked alongside her stretching his arms and back.

”Id be much better off if my little brother had a conscience and hurry up, ” he said seriously.

”Hehe this has been my quietest night in these 9 months I think I deserved it ”

”Hmpf good ” the two went straight to the entrance.

The 2 stayed at the door next to the guards waiting for Feng Li, Feng Xis older sister, a central disciple of the Black Lotus, she will be in charge of transporting two new disciples to the sect before it was only going to be one but with the Yuns arrival reached the maximum recommended recommendation for a core disciple.

But she only had one problem and that was that Yun was a human, even though she did not doubt her mothers judgment she had to see that talent with her own eyes so she volunteered not only to pick them up but to observe the test of new disciples.

”Oh look Yun its Feng Li, guard tell my mother that Feng Li has arrived ” commented Feng Xi.

”Hmm, its close now, ” Yun said with a smile, these nine months, despite suffering a lot in his training, these days were the best hes ever had, not only did he gain power and knowledge, he also felt like he gained a family.

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