”This is unacceptable! ” Said a demon with black clothes

”Don even mention it, giving these clothes to Miss Belzebub ”

”Stop it, theres no need to make a fuss over a little thing, even though I like scarlet better, dark red doesn look bad on me, ” she said calmly and a slight smile on her face.

”Isn this where they
e doing my sisters sect tryouts? come lets see ” concluded Beelzebub heading to the arena where Yun was still thinking about who to challenge.

I guess the darker the uniform, the higher the rank in the sect that boy has a pink uniform, while that girl has a pure red Yun thought looking at all possible opponents.

In the seats of the central disciples there was some annoyance since Yun had not chosen any opponent, demons are fighting beings so watching a fight is the best way to see a demons talent without counting their talent in cultivation.

”That young man, why doesn he choose an opponent? ”

”what a waste of time ”

”Sister Feng Li, is this a bad joke? ” commented a demon near Feng Li

Feng Li was silent but his eyes said everything.

This idiot, the first thing I tell him, the first thing he does, is making me lose face in front of all the central disciples

”I want to fight with you ” pointing to Feng Li with a challenging look.

”And a! ” Feng Li shrieked as he glared at Yun with anger.

”Young man, the core disciples are not here to fight with you. Please choose from the ones I pointed out to you earlier.

Feng Li felt offended, she could not help but hear the whispers of the other disciples and she felt much more angry, so she approached and whispered in the ear of the disciple in charge of directing the test.

”Sister let me fight him I can allow being offended besides I think this is more of a family matter, ” she said looking at Yun

Yun only had a smile on his face but it was enough to challenge Feng Li.

She went up to the stage where the fight would take place and saw Yun again.

”Start whenever you want, ” said Feng Li

”Of course ”

Yun with his nails made a slight wound on his hand letting the sweet smell of his blood come out, disconcerting the central disciples since they thought he was a dwarf-horned demon they did not notice his smell because they were still amazed due to its young age and level of cultivation.

Yun, using blood creation, a demon-based technique, created a spear that he threw with sheer brute force.

Feng Li easily dodged the spears, even feeling disappointed by the strength of those spears since he is her mothers student.

Yun quickly approached as Feng Li was concentrating on the spears, with a blood sword he attacked Feng Li.

Feng Li reacted in time to stop the blood sword with his bare hand leaving a slight cut, a strange feeling came to Yun and he backed away quickly but he couldn avoid the damage he felt his blow was returned.

”Not bad, ” said Feng li looking at his wound, then shaking it to wait for it to regenerate.

”Stop holding back I know you can fight more intensely ”

”Hmm, you
e right about that. Can you tell me the rhythm? ”

Feng Li felt a bad taste in her mouth, she, unlike Yun, is above him by 3 entire kingdoms, but what she said was the same as her mother said when the fight was going to get more serious.

6 months ago

”Yun, do you know why your power increases the longer the fight lasts? ”

Yun shook his head as he ate.

”You have a physique, it is special, it is called last will, it is a mortal-grade treasury, but in you that treasury could even be a celestial-grade physique ”

Yun was going to ask but he is well aware of his teachers bad habit of always having a time-lapse before continuing to speak.

”Demons with this treasury don have regeneration power and since they are not born with regeneration power, regeneration techniques are useless to them, but you have a slight level of regeneration so I gave you the perfect technique for your treasury ”

”Master, haven you forgotten something? ” Yun commented

”Oh sure, your treasury, last will works as follows, the more damage you receive your cultivation level will go up a maximum of two whole kingdoms but if you stop taking damage for a minute your power will drop and return to its original state ”


Yun hit Feng Li more and more intensely, leaving scratches on his clothes, Feng Li was not a weapons fighter like her mother, she specifically specializes in using techniques with spiritual energy, worse since she did not want to hurt Yun in a way Serious only used the same horny damage technique which consists of returning the same damage received.

But every time she hit him back with her technique, she felt that she was fighting with someone of higher cultivation than the evaluator said, they went from being blows from a spiritual warrior to that of a spiritual master, and she, as a great spiritual master, seemed absurd to her. that he became stronger, even though he caused wounds to Yun these were closed instantly.

Yun returned to his starting position and looked at his sister again.

”Feng Li you lost this match ” he commented seriously

”What nonsense are you talking?! while still… ” Feng Li looked again at his arms which were full of blood and that none of them were regenerating.

”Demons are tireless beings so if I restrict their regeneration they will be unable to fight unless they know how to remove the restriction ”

”In the same way I needed to know how strong you are, after all, you are my family too, ” he said with a slight smile, then shook his head and removed the smile to return to a serious expression.

You just wanted to test me to know if you had to walk in front of me or not he thought

In the distance, a white-haired girl could be seen watching the battle and how a human managed to win the battle using only demon techniques.

”Master, are you interested in humans? ”

”How can I not be interested in someone who has that physique along with that regeneration technique, he is a monster that is just being born ”

”So what rank should I be given? ” Yun curiously asked the evaluator who had been watching the battle from the start.

”I… ” The evaluator didn know what rank to put on him since if he could defeat Feng Li he should give him the same rank as Feng Li but no one was expected to challenge a core disciple.

”Central disciple, that should be your rank. ” A white-haired woman approached.

”Yes, that should be… ” Yun whispered.

”Princess Beelzebub ” all the demons except Yun knelt, his mother taught him only to fight, the customs and the demon society did not fit in those teachings, even though he would have a more demon personality if it were not for his mother avoiding him and he started reading human books so that the damage from his noi training would be so severe.

The maids saw that Yun did not kneel and took it as an offense toward their master, but they did not retaliate for Beelzebubs intervention.

”Ive already spoken, give him the central disciples robes, ” he ordered the assessor.

”Yes Beelzebub princess, young disciple please follow me. ”

”Ok ” Yun still not slain from his thoughts just followed the evaluator

”Miss Beelzebub, why did you intervene? ” asked one of her maids

”Perhaps you don see it but that child has a terrifying aura that surrounds him and it is not an aura that he can hurt me but an aura that if you hurt him we will arouse the wrath of someone much more terrifying ” Beelzebub commented as he walked to the meeting room

”Tia Feng is a pleasure to see you ”

”Yes, yes, sit down anyway now ” I comment disinterestedly.

”Sister… ” Lucifers and Beelzebubs serious expressions were serious. You could even feel the tension between them.

Beelzebub ignored Sister and spoke to Mrs. Feng again.

”Aunt Feng, is that young man one of the generals you promised our father? ”

”Do you have a good eye if you want it for yourself? ” he said mockingly

”You have already fallen very low if you want a human among your ranks, ” said lucifer depreciating Beelzebub

”If he was a human from my colony, maybe I would have just ignored him, but he has talent, I understand why Aunt Feng trained him personally ” Beelzebub commented calmly and elegantly, flattering Mrs. Feng at the same time.

”Tia Feng, did you personally train him? I don believe it especially because Aunt Feng hasn trained anyone even when our father was alive she never trained anyone. ”

”In that you are right, Lucifer never trained anyone, but I had to keep a promise and he had the capabilities to keep that promise, in the same way, I want him to go out to the human world in 3 months ”

”Why don you just throw it down a crack, Tia Feng? ”

”Because the hunter seal already takes him as a high-ranking demon ” Feng commented.

”No, I refuse ” commented lucifer

”Aunt Feng, I agree with Lucifer, such a promising warrior should be here in our kingdom where we can protect him and make his growth promising. ”

”Hmmm maybe Ive gone soft but as a mother and teacher ”

The two demons upon hearing his terms felt a shiver, someone that the general can classify as her son must be someone with whom they have no word, in a nutshell, they are no longer asking him to let Yun out but ordered them to take Yun out.

”I would like to see how much he grows, as long as he continues in this kingdom he will not be able to grow the way he should, my teacher always told me that a child grows in a better way if you let him go and let him learn, just this time I gave him the tools so that when he comes out he can conquer everything he wants ”

”Then wouldn it be better to do it now? ” Lucifer commented.

”Of course, since my mission to send him to your sect has already been fulfilled, call the attention of one of the demon princesses ”

”Hmph how arrogant ”

Feng just smiled and looked back at Beelzebub, which he was thinking about.

”I will allow it, in return, I want to marry him ”

Feng frowned since he knew what that meant, if she got married she would have much more relevance in the matter of taking the crown.

”I think you would have to discuss that with Cerberus as well since she gave me the same condition ”

”But- ” Lucifer didn know how both of her sisters would react. That decision left her in a much smaller range.

”Then me too ” commented lucifer in an annoyed and indignant way.

”Then we have a deal ” I comment satisfied

”You guys go after Yun, ” she told the Beelzebub maids, who disappeared and went after Yun.

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