A dream is what the books describe of waking up and seeing that everything youve been through was nothing, that what you went through you ran or the scare you suffered didn happen.

This is how Yun felt when he saw the scene in front of his eyes, outside the forest of the crack even when he tried to set foot in this forest to see the crack of his home it was impossible for him his body did not respond, this was the exile he accepted alone to live an adventure that his mother longs for him to live.

To his delight, his clothes and storage ring was the biggest keepsake in his home right now besides the soul weapon his mother gave him.

Yun began to move away and see everything, the forests where the magical beasts walk, the animals, all living beings until he finally arrived, the last city he visited with his family before everything was lost.

Have you ever wondered when was the first time you felt something? like love, joy, sadness, or hate itself. All this is experienced in small amounts in childhood, Yun can be immature even with his feelings, but the most developed he has now is fear, joy, and hatred.

The fear that he had all his life fleeing from his persecutors, the joy and small touches of affection that he had from his new family and the hatred that was always there when his family was killed, the hatred of himself for not fulfilling something that his mother he had asked in training, and now the hatred towards the people who were responsible for that night.

From his hand, a black orb began to take shape into a large black sword with a red edge.

I would like to use you with all your power, forgive me for only using you to cut these disgusting beings he thought as he looked at its edge.

Quiet road until he reached the city, the guards tried to stop him but they didn last a second before they were decapitated, as if nothing happened Yun continued walking and everyone who approached him ended up in the same way, headless.

Those who tried to flee were pressed by Yuns aura and left like ground meat, the city lord himself could not do anything, despite being a level higher than Yun, the fear that this cultivator had towards Yun left them paralyzed.

The entire city was left in ruins as if there had never been a city there.

It was like finding a key to Yuns heart, something that set him free, that made him cry and laugh, something that didn make him cry enough something so liberating he remembered every moment he spent with his mother how little they ate and how little they gave him. she could teach.

And his laugh of satisfaction that was combined with his crying, he could feel how his mother the demon general looked at him with pride from afar seeing that he was strong and that all the months he trained were profitable.

Yun breathed and collected all the hearts that were still between life and death, they were those that did not give them a fatal blow, and those hearts that he collected directed them instantly.

His steps with the determination made him walk forward without anything stopping him, leaving behind the only pain that he can solve, he is already prepared to find everything that he does not know and hopes to find in these lands.

A placid night after a placid day of revenge.

Now you can rest in peace, your son is already capable of defending himself thought Yun seeing the stars, to then close them and cultivate all the negative energies that he collected from the hearts.

”Aid! Please help! ” A scream woke up Yun, who made him stop cultivating and climb the trees to see his surroundings until he found the source of the cry for help.

Its not that Yun was going to help, he just wanted to know where the danger was to go in the opposite direction, he wants to live other feelings, and helping a stranger doesn think its a satisfying feeling.

”I beg you whoever ” the girl with light blue clothes and short dark hair was being cornered by the men who were chasing her.

Seeing this, Yun remembered the times that his mother screamed for help when they fled, that sad feeling gave him great pressure up to his neck that when he turned his back he felt that he could not leave without losing consciousness due to lack of air.

So he went back and killed one who is distracted, attracting the attention of others.

”Who are you?! How dare you meddle in the affairs of the red snakes?! ”

Yun looked at them and saw that 3 of them were in spirit warrior, while others were in spirit general.

”That shouldn matter for simple food. ” Yun quickly approached using one of the first techniques he learned from his mother, the technique he used to take out the heart of the man who was chasing him.

”Demon punishment ” he whispered and effectively pierced the chest of one of the cultivators.

Everyone noticed the beating heart in Yuns hand even as he ate it, this scene made more than one of the cultivators faint.

The generals, seeing this, decided that it was best to flee, Yun was not at their level.

”Everyone retreat ” The cultivators retreated, once again seeing from afar.

One day we will return for that whore they thought as they ran.

Yun watched the scene and thought that it was not worth chasing them, it was none of his business, he already helped whoever was asking for help.

The girl was trembling, seeing how Yun took out the hearts of the cultivators who were passed out and gobbled them up.

To then go away ignoring his existence, she didn know what to do, she wanted to thank him but that macabre and ruthless scene made her pale.

”Be careful ” came out of Yuns mouth as he disappeared into the forest.

”Wait for me! ” the girl yelled.

If he said those words, he must be a good person, even though swallowing those peoples hearts puts him in a bit of doubt… the girl thought as she ran into the forest.

Yun didn intentionally say those words to him, it was something that maybe he read in his readings and said without thinking.

Well stop thinking about those words, now lets see what this world offers me he thought excitedly

”Sir please let me thank you, ” said the tired girl as she arrived and took a breath.

Yun looked at her with intrigue, gratitude is a feeling he saw in various hero books in his mothers library.

Mrs. Feng, Yuns new mother, took many books in her battles thinking that they were cultivation techniques, when she read them she saw that they were simple literature, she would have thrown them away but she was too lazy to separate the literature books from the cultivation techniques. crop.

”Please, I know it can be much, but Ill give you this storage bag. There are 10,000 gold coins. ”

”Thank you, ” Yun said taking the storage bag and putting it in his ring.

”Young master, if its not too much to ask, can you tell me which sect you belong to? I don recognize your uniform ” the girl, seeing her clothes, could tell that they were of high quality but she didn know which sect she belongs to or which family.

Im not in the Demon Kingdom anymore so I don belong to any sect… Yun thought, to give him a good answer so as not to carry suspicion, he knows more than anyone that demons and any topic regarding them are something of an alarm for all the heavens.

”I am a wandering cultivator ”

”Wonderful, I am a cultivator of the Pink Jade sect, right now I am on my way to a recruitment meeting as a representative of the outer disciples, if you want to accompany me you can benefit, and thus I can pay off this debt in a better way ” she commented satisfied forgetting a little about past events.

”Hmmm ”

”Okay, go ahead ” he passed on a slight smile and made a sign with his arm for me to go ahead and safely.

The girl liked his smile and smiled at him too and then continued on her way. Yun was a little cheerful, seeing other sects would be the perfect opportunity to see other parts of this great world, after all, there are many things that books could not cover,

”Young Master, may I know your name? ”

”Its rude to ask for someones name without first introducing yourself ” Yun commented as he continued walking with his face serene. ”Sorry young master, my name is Xie Yan. ”

”My name is Yun, don call me young master, just call me Yun ”

”Okay, ” said Xie Yan nervously as she didn know how to interact with Yun who was a bit dry with his answers, but she could see a slight smile that was very attractive on his face.

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