”Its already getting dark so lets stop here ” Yun commented.

”Okay ” she didn want to argue with her rescuer even though they were less than 4 hours away she didn want to argue.

Yun sat in a lotus position and began to absorb the negative energy that he had consumed earlier, Xie Yan watched in wonder she could feel the spiritual energy coming to him and a great tumult of energy that somehow made her feel afraid to see that energy.

She thought he was a Dual cultivator just like her, but there was no Yin energy in his body.

In the end, she couldn stand the fatigue and fell asleep.

Yun stopped cultivating when he stopped feeling all the negative energy in his body, when he opened his eyes he saw Xie Yan fast asleep and a sunrise something that was different from the demon realm where there was no sun.

Although he has already spent 2 days in the heavens, his eyes are not yet accustomed to the sunlight, if it were not for his constant regeneration, he would most likely be blind.

But despite the pain, the warm sensation of the suns rays was pleasant.

Xian Yan woke up to find Yun enjoying the sun, his smile and handsome face made her a little excited, all the time theyve been walking shes rarely seen him with a smile.

”You should smile more often, you look more handsome with that expression on your face ” he commented as he got up and looked at Yun.

”I guess you
e right, ” he commented with a slight smile, which made Xie Yan blush.

The 4 hours of travel passed in silence but it was a better environment than before, it could feel like they were walking in friendship, which was a new experience for Yun, several times his mother wanted him to go out and try to make friends in the city that she directs but he always stayed to be able to train and be stronger.

”Yun, are you alright? ” asked Xie Yan

Yun stopped as he didn quite know what Xie Yan meant.

”All this time we have been walking, I have rarely seen you smile, it is something I have as a child but just by seeing you I feel great anger and great sadness, so great that it makes me want to cry and destroy things ”

Yun perfectly understood his words, he felt sad not so much as to cry but he thinks that he left home very soon, he misses his sister and his strict mother, even though he knows that he would enter the sect of the black lotus in the same way. see his sister.

And his anger may be the hidden suffering of being away from his family, if it weren for his mothers training with emotional control he wouldn know what state he would be in.

”I left home early ” to then continue walking straight ahead

Xie Yan looked at him calmly, even though it was little, it was enough for Yun to free herself a little, since she was a child she has always noticed when someone is wrong when her mother fought with her father and she got sad, she noticed it even though her mother was very good at hiding.

A girl who has always had things hidden from her becomes good at uncovering them, so Xie Yan is an attentive girl who notices those little things.

”Yun we are here, welcome to the city of the great city of Gold, luckily despite my inconvenience we arrived on time, ” said Joyful Xie Yan while paying the entrance fee.

Yun looked at the city, even though he had passed through a few cities, this was a central city, a much larger city due to its great wealth and influence.

”Please allow me to pay for a hotel where you can stay while I go about my business, then I will talk to my sect elder for your reward. ” Xie Yan commented as he bowed.

”Enough of formalities, we have already spent a lot of time, gain a little more confidence ”

”I couldn afford to do that, ” she commented, keeping her head down.

”Aaaa… do what you want ” he commented as he started to walk.

”Wait for me Yun, Ill guide you to the hotel ” he hurried to catch up and direct him to the hotel.

Xie Yan guided them to the hotel where the pink jade has influence, although it may not seem like it, many high-end hotels are affiliated with them, so he took him to the best in town.

The gold bowl is mainly a restaurant but on the second and third floors is a hotel.

”Hi, there! how can I help you ” commented a young boy

”I see you
e from the pink jade, if you give me your sect medallion Ill know the room I can give you. ” He didn even let Xie Yan reply as she was expecting that reaction.

”Yes, here you are, my guest will stay in the room and I will come back later ”

”Yun, please wait for me in the room ”

”Okay take care ”

”This way, follow me Ill take him to the room ” commented the young man leading the room

Yun looked at the environment and lay down on the bed, his face had a smile and a slight sigh of relief came out of his mouth, experiencing exciting things and a little nervous.

He has even taken a liking to Xie Yan, he is a kind and good person.

A good person was something that made Yun think a little, he is used to the way of the demons if a demon takes a human it kills him, if it bothers him he kills him.

Maybe it should be different, maybe be more unique Yun thought.

”Which is what I want? ”

Even if he wondered that it was not at all certain, several ideas come to his mind when he thinks about it, having an affair something his sister always teased him with when they went out from time to time, joining a sect would be a good option, he could ask Xie Yan about his sect, nothing is certain.

But he is sure of something and that is that every time he feels that he has made progress and not specifically in his cultivation, if not in his way of being he feels happier and a little more excited.

”Ha all those emotions that I never experienced in my childhood, it feels very good, ” he thought.

”I suppose I will be myself, I will act according to what I think and I will live according to what life puts in front of me ” he observed through the window the beauty of the landscape until nightfall.

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