”Are you sure that everything that we
e doing is everything that this kid must take? Every test seemed pointless. It has been eight years since we got any results from him. ”

Sighs filled with disappointment enveloped the room surrounded by different gadgets. Plastered on their faces were disbelief and dissatisfaction, as they had already been doing this for years, yet their test subject wasn even showing any hope of a result.

”Hes already 16 and yet he still hasn shown any sign of awakening. This won be any good as the funds have been focused on this… trash… ” hissed one of the middle-aged men in the room who wore the exact same medical gown as the others. With the mask covering his mouth, he rumbled the words out of it.

”Such a shame… The strongest magician and the best healer have a son who is even useless at this point. The entire world would be shocked if they discovered this. Even if they knew that the kid was dead, they would still laugh at him if they know this. ”

”Enough with your complaints, ” the rooms head scientist said authoritatively. He was staring deeply at the young boy who was lying down on the cold metallic table commonly used for dissection. ”We still have one test to do. Even if it fails, we will not stop until we get an acceptable result. ”

”But, ” the head scientist hushed another scientist who was about to speak.

”I already said, enough. Continue the operation. ” The head scientist clicked on a button and spoke into a microphone, as before them was a wide glass window, which on the other side was the operation room containing the young boy they were using as a test subject.

The assistants that were standing at the sides of the young boy nodded. The young boy was oblivious to what everyone was talking about on the other side of the soundproof glass, although as he had heard different beeping sounds an uncountable number of times already, he knew that it was time for another experimentation session.

He closed his eyes as one of the assistants flicked the tube of the syringe, then inserted its needle into the tubes that were connecting his body to the small liquid containers bubbling above him.

The scientists continued to discuss their goals and expectations. In the meantime, the young boy, who had just been injected with another foreign liquid into his body, suddenly felt piercing pain.

The boy had black hair, fair skin, and deep eyes that had lost hope. His body appeared normal, but despite his appearance, he was weak and starving.

One of the experiments he had suffered was checking if he could survive starvation, and as he didn show any result, the liquids above him were enough to keep him hydrated to at least keep him alive.

The red liquid flowed into his tubes, entering his body. It continued to invade his body, and he felt more pain, making him close his eyes.

This kind of torture was nothing to him. Compared to all the experiments he had experienced, this feeling was tolerable. However, there was one fact that he hadn realized yet. As he was lacking in nutrition, and despite thinking that the pain was tolerable, he was suffering more.

”Gahhh! ” the young boy shouted, and seeing through the glass window, the scientists were praying for him to awaken.

This was their last resort. Through the years, they had been giving light tests to him, slightly triggering the genes for him to awaken, but they couldn trigger them, and furthermore, they couldn identify the genes, which dragged their experiment longer and more anticipated.

But alas, they were just not as fortunate as they thought. The genes that the young boy had were still mysterious. They were even thinking that his genes might be just normal.

”Do you see any light? ”

”No, I haven seen any light in his eyes since earlier. He had been shouting for almost two minutes, but he hadn awoken. Is the suffering sufficient enough for him to awaken? ”

”We have no other way to determine his powers. Forcing him to awaken is the only way. Let us wait longer. ”

As the young boy shouted more, their hopes became higher. But, suddenly, the shouts stopped and his heart went flat. It was a fast-paced scenario for everyone. The assistants rushed to revive him, and while they were reviving him, disdain filled the eyes of the scientists.

”Still useless… ”

”I had high hopes for him, but it tu

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