It was already morning, as soon as he woke up, Victor checked his surroundings and discovered that he was in the Rotting Land—a place where monsters were densely populated. It would be foolish to let down his guard when so much could happen on the first day of his escape into this third life.

Surprising to him was how unreasonable he found everything in this third life.

I died in Kluma, but I returned to Earth at just the same time when I transmigrated to Kluma.

It could be difficult to understand if other people heard it, but Victor was implying his third life was just a continuation of his first life.

His first life was when he was in that facility. As the light disappeared, he tried to escape with his weak body, but unfortunately, the assistants pulled him back to his chamber, and he lost consciousness. He concluded he died there as his consciousness went back to when he was in a different world.

In this second life, he was a murim person, a person who practices martial arts. He fought, he killed, he stole. So far, it was more of what he did in Kluma until he became powerful due to a skill and a [System] that he acquired after waking up to his second life.

His skill, [Pocket Watch], gave him the ability to return in time every time he died, returning to the day he awoke in his second life, but he retained his previous runs stats and skills. Until he accumulated his stats, reaching the maximum capacity of them, and there, the last time he died, he woke up to his first lifes weak body, which was resisting the pull of the assistants.

He was surprised at first. He thought he had his power, but only a button appeared, and it was just…

[Activate Feral Demon]

He didn know its potential, but he simply clicked it. Then, everything happened. He gained access to his previous powers, killed everyone who went in his way and escaped from the facility.

At that time, he remembered everything that happened in his previous life. One of the experiences he went through as if were yesterday and every emotion he stocked up on, most of them, was hatred.

He knew everything that happened to him, and he realized that his first life self wasn that stupid to not realize it. But as a timer appeared, every second that passed weakened him.

He could be happy that his luck played well, but not after as disappointment was painted on his face after seeing the content of the window board he summoned.

Name: Victor Hunt

Title: Feral Demon

Age: 16

Level: 1

EXP: 15/15

HP: 15/15

MP: 0/0

Strength: 06

Vitality: 05

Agility: 03

Intelligence: 07

Skills: None

Condition: Slightly Refreshed

Integration: 0.1%

What happened to the stats that I saw last night? Where is it?

He sighed as he looked for an answer, but, even with how angry he was, nothing happened. He could only grit his teeth and check what the changes were in the [System]. Forget about his trash and frail body; hell find a way later. What was more important was the [System].

I lost my [Pocket Watch] skill, which means that if I die, I die. But, what is this? Integration…? Its the first time Ive seen it. For sure, this is what changed in the [System].

He fixed his posture and looked at the side as there was a different window board that read, [Restart]. He still didn know its purpose, but he had an intuition that it would probably start the [System], and he knew that the [System] was the only thing keeping him alive till now. After all, he knew the danger in the Rotting Land and surviving for eight hours straight while sleeping wasn just a coincidence or a play of luck.

[Integration: 0.1%]

[Integration percentage shows the percentage of integrating status, integrating into the system as it is the door to use previous lifes stats. And as the percentage rises, the more time you get to use the previous lifes stats.]

[To increase integration percentage, you must level up. Due to [Feral Demon]s effects, you can only have access to your previous lifes stats for five minutes each day. Hence, it is advisable for the host to hunt while activating the titles effect.]

[Each percentage rising adds to the time and attempts of the host of the previous lifes stats with the title [Feral Demon]. Therefore, the more the integration percentage increases, the more the previous lifes stats become the hosts current stats.]

”If I could use it, then if I reached a hundred percent, then the duration of the titles effect would be 24 hours, which means that the access to my previous lifes stats would have no duration or restriction. ”

Victor sighed in relief as he soon realized that he still had hope despite the predicament he was facing. Seeing that the integration percentage wasn that small, as just one use gave him 0.1%, if it is to compute by days without it changing, then in ten days, he could reach 1%.

Roughly, in a thousand days, which could be approximately computed as three years, he would completely gain his previous lifes stats.

Victor smiled viciously as he pictured the face of the head scientist. His heart was beating with rage towards that man, and his imagination wouldn stop running until he tortured him.

Just you wait… I will hunt all the monsters in the Rotting Land to become stronger. And if that day comes, I will repay my debt to you, you bastard. Victor made a promise to himself as his teeth gritted against each other.

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