The Preparation Part - 1

f her, but with time as she grew up she has been taking care of him.

Then Chief Wang asked, ”A`Xin, what are doing here at this hour? ”. Hearing this A`Xin replied to him that, ”Grand father you have forgetten to bring your lunch today. So I have brought your lunch. ”

After hearing his grand daughter and seeing the basket in her hand Chief Wang underestood everything and said that, ”Oh, I have forget about it. Sorry. ”

Then A`Xin saw that Lan Xiang and Lan Yue were also there. So she greeted Lan Xiang very politely, ”Good moring uncle Xiang. ”

Then Lan Xiang also greeted her, ”Good morning, A`Xin. ” Then Lan Xiang asked about health and studies, to which she replied, ”I am fine, and my studies are also going well thanks to Lan Yue. ”

Then she placed the food basket on the table and then she sat on the couch for a while and then Chierf Wang said to A`Xin, ”Xin`er, you can go home now I will take my food at right time. ”

Actually A`Xin wanted to stay at the office of Chief Wang utill he eats his lunch. But Chief Wang understood his grand daughter`s intention ans assured her that he will take his lunch in time.

After hearing her grand father`s words A`Xin felt some relief and then said, ”Okay grand father I am leaving. But remember to take your lunch at time. ”

After saying this she started to leave her grand fatger`s office. Then Lan Xiang said something.

Lan Xiang : ”Yue`er, you also go to home. I have something to talk to Chief Wang, you can accompany A`Xin to home. ”

After hearing his father Lan Yue nodded and moved to A`Xin`s side and then they both said in unison that, ”we are leaving. Then we will also start the preparation for the festival. ”

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