All The Friends Gather At Lan Yue`s Place

nd i also have something which I want to discuss with you girls, so ley`s just come to my house. ”

After hearing Lan Yue evryone were happy and they nodded their heads in approval to Lan Yue`s proposal and then they all went with Lan Yue to his place. After reaching Lan Yue`s home they all found Lan Yue`s mother at their small garden in front of their home watering the plants.

Then all of them greeted her, ”Good morning, aunty. How are you? ”

After seeing that all of Lan Yue`s friends including A`Xin visited their home, Zhen Lu was very happy and replied to their greet, ”Good morning kids. I am fine and how are you all doing? ” Then all of them said together, ”Aunty we are fine. ” Then Zhen Lu aked them why are they here to which Fan Jing replied, ”Aunty we are here because Lan Yue invited us because he wanted to talk to us about the play they are doing. ”

After hearing this Zhen Lu was happy that the kids were very excited about the bvillage festival and that all the friends have gathered at their place for which she was more happy.

Then she asked Lan Yue about his father as LAn Yue had gone to the village market with his father, but now he was not with him. To which Lan Yue said to her, ”Father is with Chief Wang and he said he will return soon after having some discussion with Chief Wang. ” After hearing this Zhen Lu was relieved and immediately invited everyone inside her house.

After entering Lan Yue said to everyone to come to his room and Zhen Lu said that sge will bring some snack drinks fro them in some while and wait for it at her sons room. Then they all went to Lan Yue`s room.

After enetring Lan Yue`s room evryone looked at Lan Yue asked him about the think which he wanted to talk about.

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