” She lifted the earring, spinning it between her fingers.

”Why do you have one of Batess earrings? ” His brow furrowed and he looked at the earring.

”Is that who it belongs to? I found it on the floor one day, it looked expensive so I hung onto it in case someone came back for it. ” If Dubicki was lying, he was quite impressive at it because as far she could tell, he was telling the truth.

”Oh, Doc, ” Bates stopped outside the office door, ”what are you and the boss talking about? ”

”Nothing, ” Josefine held out the earring, ”he found this here. ” Just to be sure, she watched Dubicki as Bates thanked him and came to get the earring from her—he looked at Bates with affection, but it seemed more like normal parent and child affection than anything touching on obsession.

Josefine hoped she had an accurate read of the relationship.

Wolf laughed at her.

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