1. Scandal


I am really excited to be starting this journey here on Webnovel. This is my first book here and also my first work here.

I am an authour who writes as an hobby. It started out simple and it was bascially for fun. But as time went by, I found an interest in writing and creativity, so I developed myself to be better.

I don want to say too much but I really hope you enjoy Vortex and its characters.

This basically just the intro to the book, so Ill point out some things youll expect in this story.


This story is rated 18+

It is required for a mature audience. There will be mature scenes and it contains explicit language. I give out no warning above the chapters where sexual scenes occur, so prepare to be surprised.


The time, location and events in this book are solely fixed to the setting of this story.


Everything youll read in this story are all portrayed and orchestrated by my ideas and mine alone.



Some are only mentioned and not performed.

• Past-Trauma.

•Drugs/ Sex trafficking.

• Vulgar Language.

• Anxiety.

• Strong Sexual-Content.

•Triggering Scenes.


The names used in this story are fictionally or used for the purpose of this story.


This story is edited by me who isn a professional. So if mistakes are seen, please be mature about it. Kindly point out so I can make corrections.


My writing isn perfect but I put in my everything to make it perfect.


I don accept any form of hate or discrimination against my book or characters.


Finally I wanna say a big thank you for beginning this journey with me and my characters.


No part of this book should be republished, reproduced or distributed, in any form, by any means, without prior written permission of the writer/publisher.

[email protected], All Rights Reserved.

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