I needed blood I have to act fast with my kinetic power. I willed all the power in me lightening bolt began to run through my fingers. My eyes turned crystal. Before I could strike him, he gripped me on my neck and brought out bag of blood from his bag.

I immediately grabbed the blood and poured it into my mouth. The mettalic taste smoothened my nerves. I needed more blood, I grabbed his bag and took out two more blood from his bag.

”We need your help ”.

One of the men said to me, he captured me and he still needed my help?.

”I don even know who you are and you are asking for my help ” I said back

”We are the red eye vampires, and we know you . We have been watching you a long time ago and we figured out that you were the kinetic vampire ”.

”We want king urus dead and only you can help us, Im seb ”.

King urus was a wicked vampire. He had lived thousands of years, he always wore an hand gloves because people die with direct contact with his hands. Only the kinetic vampires can kill him with their crystal heart.

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