Hi Im Dhrithi Saxena and today is my wedding with my boyfriend Nikhil Ahuja, whom I started dating from nearly 2 years.

2 years back,

After finishing my MBA, I wanted to take a break of 1 year before joining my Fathers business. Once, I had to go to a business party on my Fathers insistence. Generally I don like these business parties, they
e all boring. My father says that we should attend business parties for networking, but what everyone does there is just gossiping about others outfits, jewelries and their personal lives which doesn entertain me. So, I stay away from those boring business parties. But that day, I had no other plans and my father took advantage of it. Since it was my first Business party, I wanted to dress up well and go. Not that I would care about how I look, but I do care about my Fathers reputation. I don want to make me a laughing stock out there. The only thing I hate for being born in a high-class social elite family is that youll be watched wherever you go. It will be very difficult to have your own personal space. Being the only daughter of my father, Neeraj Saxena, who is one among the Indias top 10 industrialists. Im always surrounded by people and wherever I go peoples eyes will always be on me. And the paparazzi, I just hate them, they always try to know whats going on in my life. Sometimes I wonder, what will they actually do after knowing my personal life. I decided to wear a black off the shoulder sheath dress which landed on my knees and paired my black stilettos with it. I wore light make up and decided to leave my hair open. After getting ready, I looked into the mirror and I really liked my appearance. My father was already waiting for me downstairs, so I just looked into the mirror one last time and came out. Then we reached the venue within half an hour. My father got down first and then came to my side, opened the door for me and held out his hand for me. I was pretty nervous, as this is my first appearance in front of Media. But all my nervousness flew away when I saw my dads hand waiting for me to hold him. I don know how but whenever I hold my dads hands, I forget all my worries. Maybe because I know that hell be there to hold me whenever I fall. As soon as I got down, camera flashes started and holding my fathers hand I started walking inside confidently.

Its been only an hour since we came and Im already bored. Obviously who wouldn be bored after continuously meeting new people, introducing yourselves and you don even remember them once you leave this party. Then I excused myself and went to restroom to relax myself and unknowingly I entered into the mens loo. I was looking into my phone and didn even realize that I entered into mens loo. And suddenly I bumped into a man, my phone fell down. Already I wasn in my right set of my mind, and I lost it when he bumped into me. I looked up to see who he was, he was quite handsome and his eyes, I wanted to dive in them. But I made a straight face and asked him, ”Who are you? and what are you doing here in girls rest room? ”

He looked at me questioningly and said, ”I should be the one asking this question. What are you doing here? ”

And I was completely pissed off hearing him. I said, ”Don you know why people come to restroom? ”

He immediately replied, ”Im asking what are you doing here in mens restroom? ”

I looked around and then realized he was right, unknowingly I came to mens restroom. I immediately picked up my phone, muttered a sorry and ran away from there. I was so embarrassed after that incident, after some fifteen minutes I came out looking for my father. Then I found him, but guess what that restroom guy is standing right next to my father. I wanted to go away, but my bad, My dad already saw me and he called out for me. I slowly started walking, I wished the ground would swallow me up. I know nothing of that sort would happen and I had to meet him. When I reached there, My father introduced him, ”Princess meet Nikhil Ahuja, you remember our business associates, The Ahuja group. Hes the only heir and now hes looking after it. Hes doing too good. ” I just gave him a smile shaked my hands with him. I think today isn my day, someone called my dad and he left leaving both of us alone.

Had I met him in a different situation, then Id have jumped out of joy but now its very embarrassing. Before he could say something I said, ”Sorry it was my mistake. I really didn look at my surroundings before entering. I wasn in a good mood and then I lashed out on you for my mistake ” and before I could finish he cut me off saying, ”Its okay. You don have to feel bad. I know how irritating business parties could be at times. You
e forgiven, but next time do check before entering the restroom. ” and smiled at me. That eased my nervousness. Then we spoke for quite some time, I felt good with him. I easily don get comfortable with people but with him it was so easy. Not to forget, he was looking so handsome in his black tux, I just couldn take my eyes off him. And thats how our story started. After that we met quite a number of times, I introduced all my friends to him and I even met his friends. Everything was so easy for me with him. And after two months he proposed me and I accepted because I didn have any reason to reject. We dated for 2 years. We had many arguments, few fights but we survived it all. Today here we are getting ready to get married. Everything is perfect yet I feel something is missing. I don know what it is, I even tried to explain it to my mom. And shes like, ”Its okay, every bride feels that way before getting married ”

Now Im getting ready for my marriage, Ill be married within next three hours. Ill be Mrs. Ahuja then. Ill become Dhrithi Nikhil Ahuja from Dhrithi Saxena. I wore my Red and golden colour lehenga and matching Gold jewelries. My hands and legs completely filled by Mehendi. My engagement ring shining on my Mehendi filled fingers. Dark red and white color Chuda on my hands. Maang Tika on my forehead and nose pin on my nose. My hair neatly tied in a bun and the dupatta over my head making me look like a typical Punjabi bride and I just loved my bridal look. I was waiting for someone to come and take me to the marriage altar. Thats when my father entered my room. He looked tensed, I asked him, ”Papa whats wrong? Why are you tensed?

He then replied, ”Princess you need to know something and I don how youll react. Just hear me out and then decide. ”

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