Their First Meet

Nikhil has arranged a car and now we
e going to Mumbai. Its 4 pm now, so by 11 pm I can reach Mumbai. I decided to call my father and tell him that Im going to Mumbai with Nikhil. So, I excused from Nikhil and called my dad.

”Hey princess, have you reached Mumbai ”

”No dad, actually due to weather conditions in Mumbai, we couldn go to Mumbai. So, our flight landed in Ahmedabad. Ive waited for 5 hours, but still they didn reschedule the flight. ”

”Oh, then what do you want to do? ”

”You remember, two days back in that party youve introduced Nikhil Ahuja ”

”Yeah, I do remember. ”

”Hes also in the same flight. He was sitting beside me and we became nice friends. So, now we
e going to Mumbai by his car. ”

”Okay cool, but after reaching Mumbai ask Veer to come and pick you. Even though you can manage, ask him to pick you or else Ill tell him. ”

”Even Ive decided to ask him to pick me up because by the time we reach Mumbai, itll be very late. Don worry and Ill call you once I reach Mumbai. You have Nikhils number right? ”

”Yes, Ive his number but please don tell me that your battery is low ”

”Unfortunately, yes dad ”

”Youll never change. Okay Ill call him, if your number is not available. ”

”Okay bye, love you ”

”Bye and love you too. ”

I cut the call and turned towards Nikhil and smiled. And his phone started ringing, it must be my Dad. Nikhil removed his phone from his pocket and saw whos calling. Then he showed me his phone saying ”its your dad. ” He answered the call and put it on speaker.

”Hello Nikhil ”

”Hello Uncle, how are you? ”

”Im fine, I just called to tell you that my daughter is very stubborn and sometimes itll be very difficult to handle. And she likes to do things on her own and never listens to anyone. I still wonder that she agreed to go with you. That itself shows that you can handle her but still if she does something please don mind her ”

”No worries uncle, Ill manage. And Ill call you in between and update if its not a problem for you ”

”No, I don have a problem. But if you cannot call, even a text would do because her phone will be switched off and it will be very helpful ”

”Okay uncle, bye ”

”Bye and take care ”

He cut the call and started laughing out loud and I was glaring him. Then he said, ”Your father itself told you
e stubborn and very difficult to handle ”

I pouted and said, ”Thats because, I like to do things on my own and don want to trouble others. Only in Veers case its different, Ill order him to do things for me and he happily does that ” and I smiled remembering him.

He asked, ”From morning Ive been hearing about Veer, whos he? tell me about him ”

I smiled and said, ”Hes name is Rajveer Singh and I call him Veer. Hes father is Ranvijay singh, RV constructions owner. I think you might know his father. ” He replied, ”Yes, I know him and also heard that hes not in to business ”

I nodded my head and said, ”Yes, hes a doctor by profession. But attends meetings if necessary and manages business also in uncles absence. Hes my best friend since childhood. Hes like my shadow and he knows me in and out. Till date we are always together, even though we both are in different fields, we were always together. Im going to Mumbai for him only. Tomorrow is hes mothers birthday, we always celebrate her birthday and spend the whole day in orphange. But this time, as uncle is not there in India, he had to come to Mumbai and got stuck there. So, Im going to him. Tomorrow will be very painful day for him, so I don want him to be alone. ”

He replied, ”Thats so sweet of you. ” I cut him off and said, ”Thats the least I could do for him, for all he has done for him. Im not doing this out of gratitude, but Ive seen him suffering without aunty and how lost he was when aunty left him. Hell be very vulnerable on that day, so I want to be with him. Hes so important to me and Ill do anything for him. ” I stopper as I realized I was blabbering about Veer seeing his expression. I said, ”I think Ive to stop now, Im consuming your time with my silly banter. ”

He said, ”Hey, its nothing like that. It was me who asked you about him right? then why would I think otherwise? But Ive a question, did you guys never felt something for each other. I mean after hearing you, its clear that your both worlds are same. So, how come you guys haven fallen in love ”

I chuckled and said, ”Who said we don love each other? ” I can see the disappointment in his face but I chose to ignore and continued, ”We both love each other, but as friends. Many thought that we
e lovers and many asked the same question you have asked. But we
e not lovers, weve never seen each other in that perspective. Well always be friends. Just friends. ”

He continued asking, ”Its not there from your side, but maybe it can be from his side right? ” I replied, ”No, I can gurantee from his side also. Because I know him, there was never such thing from his side and will never be. ”

He again asked, ”What will you do if he propose in future? ” I replied, ”Hell not but if he does then may be Id give it a try ” and laughed out loudly. I then said, ”Lets stop talking about Veer. Well do something else. Im getting bored ”

He asked, ”What do you want to do? ” I thought for a while and asked, ”Do you have charging on your phone? ” he nodded as yes. I asked him, ”Do you have Ludo game in your mobile? ”

He narrowed his eye brows and asked, ”No, I don but why are you asking? ” I replied, ”If its not there, then we can install it from appstore and then play. I love Ludo, Veer and I used to play a lot when we were in US. ” He said, ”okay ” and then I installed it in his phone and we started playing Ludo. We played 2 matches and I won in both of them. Then later he had to attend a conference call, so we stopped playing. He was on call and I didn know what to do. So, I opened my sketch book and started sketching. I usually do sketching whenever Im free. And then I don know when I fell asleep.

I woke up when someone patted on my shoulder, when I opened my eyes I realized I was sleeping on his shoulder. I said, ”Im sorry, I slept on your shoulder. Is it hurting? ” and started pressing his shoulder. He said, ”No, its not hurting. Im fine. I woke you up because we
e just 2 kms away from Mumbai. Your father called me just now. I told him that you slept. He told me to wake you up and ask you to inform Veer that you
e in Mumbai ”

I smiled and replied, ”Oh yeah, thanks for reminding. I don know what must be he doing? Can I please borrow your phone? ” He gave me his phone, I dialed Veers number and he answered after calling him twice.

”Hey, whos this? ” (in sleepy voice)

”Veer you slept already? ”

and then saw the time, it was 11.45 pm. Then I realized he must be tired and slept early.

”Misti why are you calling me now? ”

”Veer get up, Im in Mumbai. Come and pick me, Ill send you the address. ”

Then he woke up fully and asked

”What…? you
e in Mumbai? how did you come? are you coming alone? I know youll come alone. Yaar Misthi what is this stupidity? Why are you travelling alone in this night? ”

I got irritated with his questions and then shouted

”Veer shut your mouth and listen to me. Im not alone, Im coming with my friend and dad knows about this. You just come and pick me, then Ill tell you full details. ”

”With whom are you coming? ”

”You don know him, Ill introduce you when you come here but for now get ready and come to pick me. Bye ”

And cut the call.

Nikhil asked me, ”Ill drop you wherever you say but where are you going to stay tonight? ”

I replied, ”No need, you just send him the address where you
e going to stay. Veer will come and pick me. And Ill be staying at Veers place, they have a pent house here. Where are you going to stay? ”

He said, ”Ill stay at my friends house. ”

I smiled and said, ”Oh cool, send him the address hell be there. ”

Veer must be very angry and top of it he don know Nikhil. I just hope that he doesn say anything to Nikhil. After knowing him for years, I know hell not like when he gets to know that I came with him in his car. He doesn believe anyone when it comes to me. Unless and until he himself confirms they are harmless, he doesn let me to talk with them. As he was busy in meetings, I couldn tell him about Nikhil. Have to see, how will he react?

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