What Lies Beyond the Eyes

Chapter 2: Threads of fate Converge

e, but she never really said what you looked like, or even your name for that matter. ”

”Oh, thats weird. Shes usually super talkative around other people. ”

”It just wasn brought up! Why bring something up when no one asks? ” Gia responded to the conversation hastily, leaving an air of awkwardness.

I shook my head at the comment, ”You always bring something up when no one asks. ” I thought to myself. She would normally give every annoying detail about everything in a loud obnoxious tone.

I smeared the Neosporin on Roms cut, and then I carefully placed the band aid on the wound. ”Woww…Do you do this a lot? ” Sandy asked in amazement.

As I was putting the materials back into the first aid bag, I told her, ”Well, its not like it was a big cut or anything, but Im used to fixing cuts and scrapes like this. Dad is home on and off, so I have to bandage up myself and Danny when Mom isn home. We both used to go outside to play quite often, so I had a lot of practice fixing up small scrapes and cuts. ”

Rom put her knee down, and I could hear her whisper, ”Thanks. ”

I looked at her downtrodden face with a smile and said, ”No problem. I brought the first aid kit just in case this happened. ”

”Thanks for doing this. Im really bad with blood, even if its just a little bit. ” Sandy told me.

I remembered how little blood there was, but I stood back up and told her, ”No problem, I just want everyone to have fun today. ” I looked back at Rom, ”You can go back in the water. It may sting a little at first, but it shouldn hurt it. I can just replace the band aid again after everyone is done. ”

”Has everyone already eaten lunch? Its past noon. ” I asked as I picked up the now light bag of food mom had prepared for us.

”Mark… ” Danny murmured to me, ”You really are acting like mom… ”

”Shut up! ”

I turned to go back to be met by the wide eyes of Gia staring at me in awe. ”You should be a surgeon… ” She told me in a spacey tone.

Flabbergasted by the comment I couldn help but say, ”What the **? ”

It was just a cut wasn it?

Danny grabbed her and dragged her back to the slides saying, ”Come on, lets head back to go on the tall one again! ”

Rom followed close behind them as they left to the slides. I started my way back to the lazy river before I heard, ”Where are you going? ”

I turned around to see Sandy looking at me with a confused look. I pointed to the river, and I said, ”Back to the lazy river. ”

”Have you even been on all the slides yet? I haven seen you up there. ”

I turned back around in the direction of the river, ”Not yet… ”

She ran in front of me, and she gave me an earnest look as she said, ”You have to go on them before you leave! Its so fun! I can go with you if you want?! ”

I wanted to say no so bad. Everything in me was saying to tell her no, but her earnest expression along with her hazel eyes forced me to say, ”Fine. ” In a defeated tone.

She looked so innocent! It was like I was looking at a lost puppy. Even if I wanted to say no, it was physically impossible for me to refuse with that pitiful look.

”Yayy! Being alone made for a lot of uncomfortable conversations! ” She exclaimed as she skipped her way over there.

”Ahh… So thats why she asked me? ” I thought to myself, ”Her pleading eyes made sense now. ”

As someone who likes to be alone, I understand the feeling of not wanting people to talk to me. If it meant that I could help someone else in their plight to not have conversation, I will gladly help them accomplish this goal. As I looked up at the stairs to the massive slides though, I couldn help but feel my stomach drop and think to myself, ”What did I just agree to? ”

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