What Lies Beyond the Eyes

Chapter 7: Awkward Trip

e backstop of home plate until I could I peak my head through the backline net. Catching a glimpse of Danny in right field with a huddle of his friends, I waved to him to show that I was here.

He started to say his goodbyes, and I went to wait amid the beating sun and simmering metal bleachers. When Danny finally made it me with his large baseball bag and dirtied cleats hanging by his shoulder, I accompanied him on his journey to the car. ”How was practice? ” I asked, mostly out of courtesy.

”The usual, I guess. I did well in hitting, but I missed a couple balls fielding. I was the fastest runner though when we did suicides! ”

A proud smile etched its way on my face. I guess him always doing voluntary track practice with me paid off! ”Ayye thats my bro! ” I congratulated him. ”I taught you well in the ways of the force. ” I stated proudly.

”Yeah, yeah ”

Suddenly remembering to mention our extra passenger, ”Oh yeah, you
e going to be sitting in the back seat on the way back. ”

Danny whipped in front of me when he heard this, ”What?! Why? ”

”Rom rode with me to come and pick you up. Shes sitting shotgun, and since she is a guest, she has the honor of the shotgun seat.

”Why is Rom here? Gia didn say anything about her coming over! And what reasoning is that? Sandy really made you a kiss ass, huh? ”

I gave him a malevolent smile, ”You could walk home if you like? ”

”Im sorry my dearest brother! ” He quickly rescinded to me.

”Its a long story, ” I explained to him about why the trio of girls came over. ”Come on. ”

I powered on ahead of the downtrodden Danny, to the running grey car. ”So, I guess we can listen to my music on the way back huh? ” Danny complained in a depressed tone.

I got to my car door, ”Nope ” I responded a matter of factly.

I got to my door and told him, ”Wait! We wouldn have listened to your music anyway! Its my car! We would listen to my music! And cheer up! Youll see your girlfriend when you get home. ”

”True, ” he said as he opened the back door and threw his bag in. ”But if I stay down then Gia might spoil me! ”

Annnnddd thats the end of that conversation! We hopped into my car to be greeted by a wall of bass from a song from Futures new album. I looked at the dash to see that Roms phone was connected via Bluetooth to my car, and I turned to see Rom with her face beet red from embarrassment. ”Hey, Rom! Could you put on the 21, Drake album next? ” Danny excitedly asked in the back.

I was in too much of a shock to respond in any way. ”I wouldve never thought youd like this type of music ” I told Rom in a daze.

”I can change it if you want me to… ”

”Nonono, its fine. Its fine, right Mark? ” Danny interjected hurriedly.

”Im fine with it if you guys are. Just don blow out my speakers. ” I warned them as I put the car into gear and pulled out of the baseball field parking lot. In the corner of my eye, I could see Rom have a content smile across her face as the music continued to blare. I haven upgraded my speakers at all from the base car because I don care enough for it, and I don have the money for it either. Once these speakers are gone, Im not getting anymore, so I want them to last.

It was a fast trip back to the house. The music got my adrenaline pumping, so I went faster than I did going down to the field. With Danny in the car, there was no threat of awkward silence to take hold of the car.

When we pulled up in the driveway, Rom and I took our time to get out of the car, but Danny was out in a hurry. As soon as Danny left the vehicle, Gia busted out the front door and immediately into Dannys arms. Youd think he just came home from war the way she greeted him. To my disappointment, Sandy wasn standing at the door as well. Wait, why was I feeling let down she wasn waiting at the door for me?!

Danny and Gia headed into the house hand-in-hand, and Rom got out of the car following close behind them, leaving me alone in the car. This time I made a concerted effort to remember to get my phone out of my car cupholder and started my journey into the house.

I entered the house to see a truly depressing sight. Gia and Danny went straight to Dannys room which is down the hall behind the TV and to the right. My room is right across from his. Rom was sat down in the middle of the living room floor and got immersed in the PS5 again. Sandy however, was all alone, laying on the couch beside the TV scrolling on her phone. Her aura emanated a gloom that couldve rivaled mine when they first arrived.

I sighed… ”What happened? ”

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