Where are you my love?

The Introduction

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. A voice cried out In the dusk of night at the mighty Smiths mansion.

A young girl in her early teen woke up from the intensity of the voice calling out to her

It didn take long before the young girl in her early teen recognised the voice of the person calling out to her

It was her step mother,a very cruel person around her late thirties,a very pretty woman who kill,destroys with her beauty.

She was always cruel towards Michelle but very sweet whenever her husband Michelles father was home.

With her hair in a birds nest form she dashed out of her room knowing fully well who was calling her and the consequences if she was late since her father was out on a business trip as always and wouldn be home till the next two weeks.

On getting in front of her step mom a force pulled her to the ground even though Hazel,Michelles step mom,was already in her late thirties she still has the strength of a youth.

Is it until I take a microphone and scream your name into it before you hear that I am calling you. She burst out before Michelle could figure out what was pulling her down

Michelle already knew that it was best not to say anything in this kind of situation,she was not to say anything unless she wanted to increase her crimes and she had no one to free her.

Anyways you are very lucky that am in a good mood today so I will let you go,but the next time I call you and you refuse to reply that will be the last day you have your voice She said and let go of Michelles shoulder.

Your sisters suitor is coming for her hand in marriage today and all the family members as to be present unfortunately you have to be their to

You are an illegitimate child of my family yet my husband says you must be their so get….so…

She grabbed her again do get ready I don want my future son in-law to see u with that bird nest and think we maltreated you…get out of her

Michelle left without saying a single word,she had a reply but couldn give for the fear of her head

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