Where are you my love?

The introduction 2

All through the time I I was cleaning myself up I couldn get what that witch said to me.

She wasn saying it to me for the first time but this time it hit me hard,she was comparing me to that dumbass she called a daughter.

She and all of us know fully well that if it wasn for dads business she wouldn have gotten the proposal,anyways I don care, why will I?, she dropped out of school because she isn good in her studies,Pride stopped her from learning an hand work or trade and she is comparing that excuse of a girl to me.

She also called me illegitimate, her child is the illegitimate one ,I mean she got married to my dad ten years ago yet she has a twenty year old daughter yet am the illegitimate one.

I got dressed and went down to meet the owner of the day still getting ready. The way Hazel looked at me I knew she was just waiting to degrade me but maybe because she was to busy she held her tongue.

Hazel looked at me but to my surprise she said You look good….,I didn have time to rejoice before she completed her sentence until the proposal has been signed you must not come down

It first hit me as a surprise,if she hadn wanted me to be present then why did she come screaming for me to wake up.

I stood shocked at first,I didn know what to do but soon got my composure back. I could only nod and went back up to my room.

I was furious, why did she have to disturb me in such manner, what have I ever done for her that she chose to punish me in such way.

I calm myself down by telling myself that I was over reacting and that she said so because she didn want me to ruin her child chances by showing up. I said to myself that it was because I am more beautiful than her child so she wasn going to let her child suitor be swept away by my beauty.

I managed to calm myself down with those words and went back to sleep thinking why those mother and child group was working so hard to impress that man, I mean waking up at 3 am for a man its crazy.

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