Where are you my love?

The Introduction 3

This time again I was awoken by the intensity of her voice going deep into my skull.

This time around I knew she would finish me off for having to wake me up again.

I checked my time and saw that it was 7am,I was surprised that I slept for so long that I happily went downstairs,ready receive any punishment that comes my way.

I think today is my lucky day because when I got down Hazel didn throw even one line of insult to me.

She said he man is almost here so please don come down. I could here the tiredness in her voice that I almost felt pity for her.

Even Elsa,the owner of the day,had worry clearly written on her face. They look like someone who is hiding something but I cleared my mind of the thought.

Soon enough the man came and I took my leave as expected of me,I didn even get the opportunity to see his face.

(third person point of view)

Good to see u Mister Thompson,a clearly shaken Hazel said in a surprisingly low voice.

She was clearly shaken when the man came in. He is a man clearly still in his teens, he had a very could aura and air around him which you could sense from a mile away.

He is very handsome though, with a long face and angular jaw, he had deep black eyes which staring at it is like looking into the depth of hell.

He had long silky hair like that of a lady, a pointed nose and hearth shaped lips, his shoulders were broad and gives a fearful impression on anyone that sees him.

He is tall and well built, everything about him was perfect, any eyes that was laid on him will surely fall deep in infatuation.

Even though i s beauty is one that can sway anyone off their feet he had a formidable aura around him.

He us the richest,most respected and feared youth in the whole of Orange city and beyond.

Elsa came out of her room with a veil which covered her face completed. Lucas,Mister Thompson,and two other man dressed also in black suit went to sit in the living room.

So lets begin,Hazel said nervously and went to sit opposite Lucas with Elsa

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