Why is her face covered,was the first thing Lucas said in a voice that didn deny his aura.

His voice was as cold as his appearance, it sent shiver down the spine of anyone that he talk to.

Hazel laughed awkwardly and said it is a family tradition,you can Seeger dace until the contract as been signed…

She wanted to continue but she was that Lucas has lost interest in the matter so she dropped it.

Lucas checked the contract carefully scanning for any mistakes,Hazel tried making small talks which were of course dismissed by Lucas as one would to a servant, Elsa just kept silence as the drama unfolded before her.

I see no fault in this,so the engagement will be in a months time and the wedding when we are done schooling,so,let me just…..,he said as if marriage was just a joke and it meant nothing in the world.


(Michelles point of view)

I was just in my room laying on my bed reading and preparing for school which as resuming next week.

Part of me wanted to he downstairs seeing what was going on but I was rational enough not to.

After an hour that he got here I thought it was about time I could go down after all he could have left that they refused to tell me.

As I was debating with myself whether or not to go my worst enemy appeared.

I saw a big rat in my bedroom,normally I had a phobia for animals but rat was the most feared.

I didn know when I ran downstairs screaming for help, for someone to save me,I ran to the living room where the meeting was being held still screaming for help.

It took a while for them to calm me down but the moment I did I realised the deep mess I was in.

Hazel will kill me and her witch of a daughter will encourage her but as I stood to leave it was the mans voice u heard he said,isn this the girl I wanted to marry thank goodness I haven signed the papers.

I stood in shock,except for the fact that his voice sent shivers down my spine but also because I was unable to comprehend the information. At first I was dumbfounded unable to decide whether or not whether to be angry at Hazel or at this man.

I faced Hazel and points at her saying you are the most selfish and greedy person I have ever met. You always toon what was mine and give it that excuse of a human being you call a daughter. If you had had a little bit if sense you would have known that this can work but I can blame you,you are a mother and a mother will always want wat us best for her child even if the child is the most incompetent fool ever know to man kind.

Hazel tried talking back but I stopped her before she could say a word,I was really feeling myself to be supreme at that moment,and Hazel couldn utter a word maybe because she was shocked.

Then i turned to face the man and said,Mister please which century do you think we are in,humm?, coz even if I had been informed I will never had sat here waiting for you to sign that paper.

I stopped to examine him then continue you are good looking enough but lack self confidence that is why you have to do this to get a wife, anyways I have nothing else to say to you because if not for this greedy animals you wouldn have gotten here,so before I call the security please leave

I completed my speech and was very happy I got to throw a tantrum at a of them,I look at their faces and saw that they were all surprise and shocked all except that man he look at me with an emotionless face and didn move a muscle despite my threat.

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