From afar, Marissa could spot a man who was sitting at the bar drinking his mojito peacefully. Though there were two girls standing close to his right, he acted like they were invisible.

She fixed her knee length dress, and took out a small mirror from her clutch to check her make up for the last time. Even though the music from the bar was quite loud, the sound from her heels managed to capture the ears and eyes of the men that she passed by.

”Babbbyyy… ” Marissa wrapped her hands around his neck and sent a short glare to the woman on his right who was too chill to stay near someones man.

”Hmmm… ” Blake smiled followed by a little chuckle. Marissas cute behaviour never failed to brighten his day. ”Did you just get here? ” He slowly pulled her arms that were wrapped around his neck and brought her to the seat beside him.

The two girls gave her a short glance but they were still standing there, didn get the hint. ”Ahem… ” She cleared her throat and fixed her disobedient off shoulder ruffle dress that kept on rising when it was supposed to stay on the side of her shoulders.

”How do I look today? ” She asked, blinking her eyes profusely. Another laser glare fell on the two girls when they were caught taking another glance. She thought they were too ignorant to read the room.

Blake chuckled seeing her eyes glaring and blinking at the same time. He let out a short sigh and turned to the two girls, ”Sorry girls, my womans eyes have an allergic reaction when they detect a woman standing less than one metre from me. ” He turned and hugged Marissas shoulders before he pointed to her eyes, ”See… ”

Marissa narrowed her eyes and gave them another sharp glare.

”Ah, really? ” They moved immediately while the girl that was sitting down, tried to drag the chair away, ”Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are actually waiting for a friend. Well, you could see the table is quite packed. ” The girl who was standing was sending a cynical smile. Obviously, sending a signal to Marissa, No, Im not into your man.

Marissas mouth gasped and opened big as she was shocked with the girls words. She instantly changed her faces direction and looked at the other side, ”Ah damn it, I thought you called me here to get rid of those women. ” She said with her teeth gritting and her fingers pinching his arm.

”Awww! I didn say anything about that. ” He cried in pain.

As the girls secretly glanced when they heard Blake scream, Marissa formed a wide grin to cover up her shame. ”Its nothing girls, go on… ” She motioned her hands asking them to continue with their drink when she turned and sighed looking at the bartender in front of her.

”What? ” Blake asked, hearing the long sigh.

”Until when do I need to cover up for you? ” She asked, grabbing his glass of mojito and drinking it. ”Just come clean and introduce… ” She lowered her voice and continued, ”him to your family. ”

He answered by shaking his head. ”Who sent you here? ” Blake changed the topic right away.

”Micky, ” her younger brother, works at another restaurant as a waiter, so he sent her here before heading to work.

Nodding, he motioned his hand to call for the bartender, ”One more glass. ” And pointed to the drink in front of Marissa.

”Did you resign? ” He asked, looking at the shelves that were filled with bottles of alcoholic drinks.

”Yup, I can go on. The boss is too perverted to stay. The salary wasn worth it. ” She took another sip of the drink.

She had jumped from one job to another. The longest time she worked was three months at a branded handbag outlet. But then was asked to resign because a customer came and caused a ruckus.

She was accused of seducing someones fiancé. In order to keep her job she had lowered her pride and apologised even when she didn do it, but what she received was a slap across the face.

That was it! Being poor, she will always be oppressed.

”Doesn your company have any vacancies? ” She turned to Blake, waiting for a response.

”I will try asking around. ” He raised his head and smiled as the bartender handed him a glass, ”Thank you. ”

”Hows your work? ” She asked. Blake started working at the company three months ago and she was surprised when he suddenly told her that he got a job at the top company in their country.

Honestly, it shouldn have been a surprise as he finished at the top of his class. But the thing that had her puzzled was that he said he didn apply anywhere once he graduated, and was jobless, until three months ago.

”Well, working as a new employee, there is nothing much I could say. ” He spoke his mind.

She sighed, ”I wish I could get the job as easy as you. ” She took a secretary course but she never once landed a job as a secretary. So, she took every other job that could to help with their daily expenses. ”Can I order one more glass? ” She asked when her glass was empty.

”Order as much as you want. ” He said and called the bartender.

”Thats why I love you. Muah! ” A kiss landed on his cheek. For them it was normal, but maybe for others, they looked like a couple.

”Huk! ” She had a hiccup after the fifth glass.

He let out a little laughter looking at her drunk habit. ”How could you get drunk with mojito? ” He knew she was a lightweight but the drink was a virgin mojito. He turned to the bartender, ”Virgin right? ”

”No, sir. I prepared it as the one you always prefer. ” The bartender said.

His eyes widened as he gasped, ”Ahhh…thats why. ” He thought he already told him to change when Marissa arrived, so he must have forgotten about it.

”Okay, lets go. ” He held her hand, but then she staggered. ”Come… ” He crouched down with one of his knees down and carefully took onto his back to give her a piggyback ride.

Her head rested on his shoulder naturally, ”I wish you were my boyfriend. Hik. ” She giggled.

”I can be your boyfriend if you want. ” He replied casually, like nothing was wrong with his statement.

But then a slap landed on his head, ”Stop joking. ” She straightened her body and made Blake panic, afraid she might fall backwards.

Quickly stabilising his posture, he raised her up. ”Don move! You might fall. ” He said taking a breath that he almost lost just now.

”Hmm… ” She didn really hear it and rested her head back on his shoulder.

Blake opened the door of his car and placed her gently on the seat before getting in on the other side.

”Her apartment. ” He said to the driver. He was glad he didn drive today and since she was drunk, he thought it was better. Blake turned to look at her, but was shocked when she was looking at him with eyes wide open.

”Whos car is this? ” She asked, before closing her eyes again.

”Ah, I called my friend as I couldn drive. You know…I drank too. ” He said, gulping several times making excuses.

”Your friend? ” She turned her head quickly and narrowed her eyes trying to look at the driver, ”Hmm…I can see… ” And at the moment, her eyes closed. She returned to his side and hugged him tightly. ”Blake… ” She called him. Her voice was slow and weak.

”Yup… ” He answered but at that moment, he could feel Marissas hand slowly sliding into his shirt.

Ah damn it! He cursed inside.

”Blake… ” She called him again with her eyes closed.

”Yes Marissa, Im listening. ” His facial expression looked like he was trying his best to hold his desire towards her.

”Are you sure this thing won raise up if I touch it? ” She suddenly sat straight and pointed at his baby brother.

Ahhh! He yelled in his heart. This girl and her drunk habits would kill him one day.

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