As I walked through the valley of the shadow of death *cough*cough*. Wrong script my bad. Im here to inform you of my story. How my life got flipp* nope thats not it either. Oh well I tried to make the beginning of my new life amazing but it wasn . I didn get hit by truck-kun trying to save a kid, nor did I get stabbed saving a damsel in a dark alley. I knew I was about to die, but I thought for sure I would never get isekaid with this death.

Thank god my R.o.B. Was a fan of my fanfic that I wrote just incase. I mean I really really really, wanted to be reincarnated or transmigrated. So I spent weeks and weeks thinking on preparations for how to get transmigrated or reincarnated. Like what if authors get to be placed into their storys after death so I thought I had to write a novel just in case. Or what if you only get one wish so I made a folder of must have wishes on my phone. But I also had a special made transmigrator/reincarnator starter pack. I slowly added things to it until it became kinda monstrous of a starter pack. I would read a novel and revise my starter pack. So it kinda grew to be way over powered.

Well enough of that lets jump into my story.

It was 5:35 A.M. I had just got off work and drove home . The porch light was off when I got home so I was walking blind. I pulled out my phone and was trying to turn on my flashlight when I heard rustling behind me. Turning around as my phones light comes on I find my dog jumping towards me. ”Awwwww shit ” Bear dog jumps on me as a fall backwards. I feel a sharp pain in my chest, it almost felt like a fire ball lit up inside my lungs. I turn my phone light towards my chest a see it. Theres a **ing spike of a pickaxe sticking out of my chest. My yard is like 95% rock 4% brick and 1% dirt, and I had to put a trench from the breaker panel to the carport to install lights. But who the ** put the pickaxe sticking into the ground.

I get stuck on trying to figure that out as my eyes go dark. I couldn think straight and thought its gotta be the dog. He planned this all!!!!

Everything starts lighting up slowly as I look around I thought for sure I had died why the hell am I back at work? I look over and see everyone welding and grinding wondering what was going on. Everything spins and now Im at my moms house as her phone slips from her hand and she starts balling like a little kid. Screaming ” my baby boy, nononononono my baaaaaabbbyyyyyy ” . The world spins again as I see each of my family members and friends getting the news one by one, and damn let me tell you I hated every moment of it. The tears and anguish on each of them as they got the news. I think watching my funeral was the worst part. My little sister trying to tell everyone how close we were, knowing damn how many times she screwed me over. Like the time I took over the notes on her car since I had no credit and she needed a bigger vehicle, since I had no credit I took her up on the offer. Well she totaled said bigger vehicle and borrowed the car back. Only to turn around and trade it in after I almost paid it off. But I digress.

The ground under me turns black and everything around me starts to fall into this black abyss. Im just standing there and wondering what kind of drugs did death induce on my psyche. Everything around me disappeared and all I see is black.

Sitting in this blank space for what seems like weeks Im looking over everything from my life, trying to figure out exactly what is currently happening because of this is the afterlife its too bland. ”Okay so what I can tell this is my after life. Empty dark and quiet, I mean like I know I was introverted but

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