Im sitting here frozen unable to move or speak as 15-83 started speaking again

” okay Zach lets get started all you have to do is think about spinning the wheel and it will start spinning, but you will only have 2 minutes to decide on your wish/system of choice depending upon what choices the wheel lands on. You also have to decide which world to be sent to. Depending on your wishes you might only get 1 chance, so be sure. Go ahead and start our time is running out. ”

”Sorry, and thank you for going out of your way for me 15-83. ” I see her starting to blush with a smile forming on her raccoon face. My nerves are starting to rise as I start thinking about the wheel, like my luck is shit so how the hell am I supposed to feel about it. Ive never won anything in my life. I mean just look at how I died my dog tripped me into my own pickaxe. I guess this is it. I think spin as a say aloud ”Big bucks, big bucks! No whammies, no whammies! STOOOP! Shit! ” I can help but cry anime tears at my poor luck. I mean all I ever wanted was to travel the Omni-verse and correct all the stories that were shit and become the absolute heroic protector of everything. But …. Looking a what the wheel stopped on I can help but feel depressed. On the all black slice in bold white letters reads

(Curse of degenerate- causes host to become the scummiest of scum worst type of person who will do anything to meet your goals. Missions to preform debaucherous acts with people or creatures of the opposite sex.)

How am I supposed to get by with this. I mean I never even stole, I lied a lot but thats because I hated myself and who I was. So how am I supposed become this big bad evil person. I mean Ive always had dark thought and everything, but after rubbing one out they usually go away. After my exs treating me like dirt even though I gave them all of me and all my heart, I kept thinking of finding myself a woman that was as broke as me and rebuilding her to be loyal to me. But I never found one like that, I read many psychology books and tips and tricks on manipulation. It was truly only a thought I never approached the point to make it happen. I just wanted to find someone that doesn leave from boredom or cheaters. I mean theres only so much heartache you can go through before giving up completely. But I still never took the last step because Im a good person at heart, and I fall in love too easily. So looking at the curse I received I couldn help but feel repulsive.

”15-83 can I reject at this point and just get my memories wiped? ” I could help but ask my shell shocked raccoon ROB.

” Sorry Zach I can help you once you spin, if it was your choice before spinning I would have spent your last few minutes talking. But after the spin its set in stone, but don be down you haven seen the good part yet. ” 15-83 said to me with a wry smile on her face. Im guessing she realized my quality of luck.

” Well what are we waiting for I mean its not like I am going to get the blessing of a Buddha. Where I have to be a saint to get stronger or something. ” I laughed inside imagining that. Just picture for a moment where you have to be a degenerate but to get stronger you have to be a saint/monk.

”… ”15-83

After laughing a little my heart sank looking at 15-83. Her face said it all. It was definitely a possibility. Meaning I could get thrown into the multiverse or something and a rapist/ murder and no possibility to gain strength.

”Don worry Im sure your luck couldn be that miserably low, I mean you could get 1 million wishes. ” 15-83 said obviously trying to cheer me up. But deep inside I could only feel that when she flipped the card itll be exactly what I predicted.

”15-83 just do it already I mean I know that no matter what Ill have no choice but to accept it. So go ahead and flip it Ill be okay. ”

She starts to reach for the card. I feel time slow as I stand here anticipating whats on the other side of the card. I mean I really could get something nice right? Its not like Im getting double the curses. Suck it up and quick being pessimistic, even if its not that good at least you choose the world you go to. If I don get anything good Ill choose an easy world like Pokémon or something. Im pretty sure my curse will make me join Team rocket but at least all I get is to be blasted off agaaaaaiiiinnnn! Hahaha Im hilarious. Definitely not nervous, you
e nervous not me.

As my inward monologue goes on I don realize that the card have already been flipped.

”Oh thank the omni-verse ” 15-83 says out loud. Which draws my attention to her and in-turn the wheel.

”Yes!!!!!! ” Im super happy looking a the wheel. On the white slice in bright gold letter with black trim reads( 1 wish with only 1 restriction) (restriction no wishing for more wishes)

”Holy shit Im lucky ” I start grinning thinking of my options.

” Stop thinking and choose already. You only have 45 seconds left to wish and choose your world or itll be randomized ” 15-83 scolds me.

”Shit okay I shit to have my reincarnation/transmigration starter pack that I wrote in the notes section of my phone, and Ill start off in MHA ” I hurry up and blurt out.

”Okay done now for the bad news Ill have to put you with a random family since itll be a reincarnation youll be a baby and won have past life memories and such till you
e 1 to help with your transition. ” 15-83 explains to me as her top disappears and she hands me a pen.

” Now autograph my chest and make it quick, even if you
e an ass I still love your fanfic. ”

”Okay thank you for every thing 15-83! ” I write (from Zach with love to my one true fan) and she squeals like a fan girl as I start to fade into nothing. Completely ready to start my amazing journey. Then nothing everything is gone and my conscious fades.

Damn that was annoying. 15-83 recalls while spawning a wet rag trying to get the autograph off

”Rebecca did you send him off? ” Asks a male god who just appears. Hes got a slim pale complexion while wearing an ahegao hoodie. Definitely an otaku.

” Yes father but did I really have to let him sign my tits like ugh hes a pathetic mortal, and why the ** won it come off? ” 15-83 now know as Rebecca says to the Otaku looking god.

”Nope I just did that to mess with you, hahaha. And it a permanent marker that I made. ” he laughs as Rebeccas face turns red with fury.

”Fuck you Robby, ** you. ” Rebecca storms off in anger.

” Ahahaha, well lets see what adventures this one will bring me. Now time to view what you got. ” Robby says pulling up a video game panel and reads out loud

” Oh curse of the degenerate, at least I don have to worry about watching a beta mc. Now I know your wish but What is the reincarnation/transmigration starter pack? ” Robby looks confused , so he pulls up another panel and starts watching a video on speed that even the flash wouldn be able to follow. 1 millisecond later.

”Oh, so thats what its is. Hahahaha oh damn he got us there. 1 wish that includes so much hahahaha. ”

(Reincarnation/ transmigration Starter Pack

Unlimited talent and potential

Unstoppable willpower

Compatibility with any and all energies

Perfect adaptation

Inner world that can support life and allows cultivation at accelerated speed control time flow within as well

Instant comprehension

World travel and Id ( means I set my background and status in every world I travel to)

Absolute control over my mind body soul and everything within the 3

Dual cultivation techniques that can be used to enhance any woman Im with to keep up with my progress and convinces them that the more people in my harem the better it is And shares mental shields with them

Gacha/sign in system

Perfect recall with no memories of my past life other than anime, manga, hentai, songs, movies, light novels,comics and such

All Knowledge/information of anime, manga, hentai, songs, movies, light novels,comics included in every world I go to.)

”Well good luck little Zach live big and vibrantly, give me a good show. ”

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