Alec Myers

Peppermint smell hit my noses floor. I was positioned in a way that I couldn see anything that happened.

But Miless cries were breaking my ears and Careens pleading to the man who was embracing me was getting louder. I was feeling life draining out of me. My breath was becoming unsteady with time…

”Kale…if something happens to my brother Ill kill you! ” Careens screams finally went through that man..whose name is Kale. He released Miles and I heard a relief whimper from Miles.

He pulled me away and stared at me, his oceanic blue eyes seem like an endless abyss. My breath was going out of me, and I started to have blurry vision.

With one swift movement, he picked me up and went back to the car. Careen sat with me in the backseat as she rummaged my bag to find my inhaler.

She kept my inhaler on my lips and slowly I felt like God is giving me another life. Asthmatic attacks can get as bad as death. Many people who neglected these attacks are dead.

When my breathing became steady again…Careen engulfed me into a big hug. Her tears were wetting my hair and made me shed tear myself… She composed herself.

”We can let him go home. I don like to leave him alone with Mom ” Careen said to Kale who was busy driving. He nodded.

”Baby, I wanted to surprise you by coming to your school before home. Im glad I made it in time. ” She said stroking my blond hair affectionately. I nodded.

How could I live without Careen, only gods know!

I let my eyes wander to the quiet man in front of us. His jawline was so defined and I could see his Adams apple rising and falling as he takes in air.

”Caleb, Can you please look after him for a while? ” Careen suddenly said which made the man apply brake abruptly. He turned to us and shot a confused look at Careen.

”You know I can do that. ” He said in his monotone deep voice. I flinched.

Talking about straight people. He forwardly rejected Careens pledge. I looked at him and unfortunately, his eyes were already at mine and he was having an unreadable expression.

”Do you have to do that Kale? We talked about this, whatever you think is going to happen, won . If you are sure about that, how can you control yourself for one day? ” Careen practically shouted at Caleb. Caleb turned to Careen his eyes taking a darker shade. He growled at Careen letting his alpha dominance known, but, Careen was also an alpha and a powerful one at that.

”You think you can growl at me? Im leaving Alec to you ” She said as a statement and Caleb seeing no point in arguing he turned forward.

I didn like how they were talking about me as if I wasn there. If Caleb didn want me to stay with him, maybe he didn like me. Why would Careen insist on me staying with a man who doesn like me?

”Baby, Caleb will look after you until I finish my paperwork. I promise it won be a bad experience okay? See you ” She said kissing my forehead. She shot Caleb the last look that said behave and got out of the car.

Caleb sighed loudly then started the car. He was having another expression and it wasn pretty.

Depressed? Scared?

It was a mixture of two. I don see how a rich, handsome man like him is being depressed. And above all, he was an alpha. If he was a rare Omega, it is very rare to see male omegas which made us a ridiculous group.

He sighed for the seventh time and looked at me through the front mirror.

”Don call me Kale, my name is Caleb. And Im sorry if you thought I rejected you, its just there are issues that I… Anyway, don try to wander so much when we got home ” He said having his usual monotone voice.

It sent chills to my spine. I was so nervous and scared. Caleb just gave a dangerous aura you see. He doesn seem like good news at all. And I don want to associate with such.

”That boy…what did you do to him? ” I whispered and I think it was the first time to hear my voice. It wasn deep like other boys. It was a normal voice.

”I broke his wrist, ” He said it was no big deal. I threw my hands on my mouth. I gasped in disbelief. He shot me a confused look.

”Why did you do that? He is human ” I yelled and instantly regretted my choice. He raised his eyebrow and shrugged.

”So? He tried to hurt you, could have done worse ” He said parking the car.

Jesus! He just met me today but he already added a name to the list of people to be avoided. I get it that he did it for me, but what if someone did that to me? At least Im a wolf, but Miles is a human.

He came to open the

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