Wrath Empire

Royal Castle

”why wouldn I be worried, when my only daughter is now a second wife of the vampire king. Tell me huh, why wouldn I be worried when your safety and future with him is not yet garantee and I know that your scard too so don act thugh ” said Rhean still sobbing.

”mom please stop don cry I will be fine don worry and dad will protect me too so please stop ” Ariyanna letting a light sob while comforting her mom.

” I promise sweetheart daddy will be there for you ” Arnav comforting his daughter and wife.

Ariyanna also bid farewell to her people before entering their wedding carriage which rod off from the side of everyone. Ariyanna people couldn help but sob silently for the royal family for sacrificing their only daughters happiness for them by letting her be the second wife of the rudeless devil king, in their hearts this family will always be their hero for giving their only daughter for them to be saved. Ariyanna couldn stop looking outside while remembering the good and bad memories she had in this empire. she let out a silent sob before hearing a Cold voice ”you will be fine ” after hearing the voice she gently turn her pale face towards the direction of the king,she couldn believe her eyes though blinking them a few times to verify the person beside her who turned out to be the most handsome man she has ever seen. He was like a different creature from heaven seeing her expression he gave a light chuckle while placing his hand on his face before asking ”something wrong with my face ” feeling embarrassed by the question Ari turn her head towards the window before giving a reply ”No ”.

”Then why do I feel like something is wrong, you have been staring at me non stop ”said the king in a teasing tune.

”your highness I…. um ”Ari trying to figure out what to say

”Rick. call me Rick ” said Rick

”um, emperor Im sorry I just wandering why someone will ware a mask on his wedding day ” said Ariyanna while talking to herself in a low tune your so cute ”

”Did you said something ” said Rick

”No emperor ” Ariyanna

”I don show my face to people outside my castle buy only within it walls and you ofcourse.

” okay ” Ariyanna facing the window.

”I know its hard for you to leave your empire and your also worried about your safety and people, but I assure you both you and them will be fine and safe. you don have to be scared ” Rick in a serious tune.

”thanks emperor ” Ariyanna

” my pleasure ” Rick

after a long silence Ari decided to break it with another question ”um emperor it is a two day ride right ”.

”yeah it is ” Rick.

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