Wrath Empire

Royal Castle 2

”if only those two days is a non-stop ride ”Rick.

”um.i thought some wrath attended the wedding ”Ariyanna looking at the window

”Yh be they flew back home ” Rick.

”what now ”Ari in a surprise tune

”vampires can fly same as they have speed ” Rick while looking at the window

”but I thought vampires telepod ” Ari in a confused voice

”yes we do but not all have the ability ” Rick

”do you telepod? ” Ari all focused on him

”yes I do, do you want to try ” Rick turning his face towards her

Then why can we just telepod to his castle in deep thoughts

”we can do any of that not to mention teleporting to the castle ”Rick

how did he knows what Im thinking does he read minds Ari in deep thoughts while giving a confusing face.

”clown face,its our wedding day so we can telepod nor fly home unless you want to ruin your dress ” Rick

”I wasn thinking about that ” Ari in an annoying voice.

”Are you sure ” Rick bringing his face close to hers ”you look so beautiful clown face ”,his face was so close that it almost felt like a whisper, for a while Ariyanna was so amazed on how he now that she was able to get a better view of his face clearly. feeling butterflies in belly, looking at her funny expression ”love what you see ” Ariyanna shivered at his deep voice but yet gentle. Ariyanna noticed how closed their face were,just the slides mistake will resort to something she dare not do. she quickly retreat her face turning towards the window feeling relief. His lips curled up in to a devious smirk still looking at her.

they finally reached the gate of wrath Ariyanna was busy checking the empire while they entered. she was amazed on how the empire looks like from the inside the technology, the people and environment was so good No wander why wrath as the empire of attraction and also the most powerful of all the empires being her first time out of her empire she was so curious.

”curious huh ” said Rick

” a little ” Ari in a shy voice while facing the window

” Don worry,we will make a day or two for us to tour the empire ” Rick in an assuring tune

”thanks emperor ” Ari turning her face towards him while giving a light smile.

” Don worry I prefer you doing it than saying it ” Rick with a smirk

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