Wrath Empire

Royal castle 3

While at the castle of wrath there was allot of preparation to well the new bride whom turn out to be a human and this was the first time a human will be living in the castle. They cought side of their carriage and they all hurried to line up at the gate to welcome the new empiress. As they decent from the carriage they were warmly welcome by the butler ”welcome emperor, My Lady ” while bowing his head.

”Thanks sir ”Ari replied in a polite tune.

”why don you take Ariyanna and give her a tour round the castle and also show her,her room ” Rick in a commanding tune.

” after you my lady ” Paul still bowing his head.

” By the way his is Paul our butler so don address him as sir ”said Rick before leaving.

” lets go my lady ” Paul.

”sure sir ” Ari.

” please my lady just call me Paul ” said Paul in a worried tune.

”okay Im going to call you Paul cause you asked me to ” Ari in a serious tune.

” Thanks my lady ” said Paul in a relieved voice before taking Ari inside the castle.

”so how long have you been serving the emperor ” said Ari.

”ever since I was a boy ” Paul while following her behind.

” wow! for how long ” Ari

” Hundred of years ”Paul.

”what now ” Ari in a surprised voice while turning towards Paul before she stops and ask ” for that long but you don even resemble someone in his fifties ” still giving I don believe you look

” ma don let the looks full you ” said Paul.

”wow how old is the king ”asked Ari

”sorry ma can say ” Paul.

”its ok. so is he always rude to you all or just you ” Ari while moving.

” We all are used to it already ” Paul

” To be sincere Im not sure if I can get used to a rude jerk like him ” said Ari in a cheerful voice.

In the Courtroom:

” Emperor we have been informed of another attack ”said Mr Winslow.

”who are responsible ”asked Rick in a calm tune.

”we are currently investigating ”said Mr Winslow.

”Then hurry up and stop wasting our time ” Rick in an annoying tune.

”we will ” Mr Winslow alittle bit annoyed but still put up a smile on his face.

”Pardon me emperor I thought we all had planned on concaring the kingdom of Astro ” said Berty after bowing her head.

” And I changed my mind ” Rick in a serious tune.

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