Wrath Empire

First Meeting

”Or do I need to explain myself ” Rick alittle pissed off ” Astro will not be attacked from now onwards since Im now married to their princess ” Rick in a commanding tune while looking at Berty.

” Im sorry for my stupidity ” Berty while the room went completely silent before they heard Rick voice ” since there isn nothing to say ” while looking at all the members present before saying ” You all may leave except you Berty ” in a commanding tune.

” something wrong emperor ” Berty

”Im sure you know why I called you ” said Rick

” if Its what Im thinking then. yes emperor I planned on visiting her after this ” Said Berty

” Better make it quick ” Rick in a calm tune.

” I will since I planned on welcoming my co-wife ” Berty tring to ease the atmosphere.

” Good you may leave ”Rick

”Bye emperor ” said Berty before bowing her head to leave.

”Greg ” said Rick in a low voice almost like a whisper.

” Greetings emperor ” said Greg while bowing his head.

”updates ”Rick in an bored tune

” they have already signed the peace Trinity ”said Greg.

”Make sure that the kingdom of Astro is heavily guarded ”said Rick.

”Yes My Lord the kingdom is heavily guarded currently as we speak ” Greg

”I need you to investigate on the recent attack that took place in Roit town ”Rick in a serious tune.

” okay my Lord ”said Greg

” I need the updates in full. I want to know who are responsible for this ” Rick

” ok my Lord I will get to the root of this ”Greg in a serious tune.

”Do it as fast as you can cause this is the first time a mascarre has took place in my empire and I intend to find out who are responsible for this ” Said Rick

” okay my Lord ” said Greg

”you may leave now ” Rick rising from his throne.

” Yes my Lord ” said Greg before bowing while he placed his right hand on his left side of his chest before leaving.

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