Wrath Empire

First Meeting


”welcome ” Ari giving a smile

” My lady can we prepare a bath for you ” said Jane

”sure. please do ” said Ari

” ok my lady ” said both maids in Union before leaving.

”Hello ” said Berty standing at the door.

”Hello please come in ”said Ari

”Thanks Im Berty and you must be Ariyanna right ” said Berty in a polite tune.

”oh my ”said Ari in a panick tune ”Greetings empress ” while bowing her head.

”Oh greetings ” said Berty trying to hold a laugh.

”something wrong ” Ari a little bit tense.

” No, I just laughed because of your reaction a while ago ” said Berty trying to stay calm from laughing.

”oh ”Ari before they both laugh in Union.

” your quite funny ” said Berty trying to stop herself from laughing.

”wow and your quite different from what I thought ” said Ari in a calm tune.

” Really ” Berty in a calm tune.

” yeah ” said Ari

”so what were you expecting ” Berty while smiling.

” someone cold…. ”Ari but was cut off by Berty ” rude, Evil, annoying right ” still smiling.

”yeah something like that ” said Ari

” Now you know Im not like that ”Berty in a calm tune.

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