Wrath Empire

First Meeting 2

”this is your room my lady ” said Paul while opening the door.

”Thanks ”Ari before entering.

”I will leave now my lady ”Paul before bowing and left.

Left in the room alone Ariyanna makes her way towards the window to have a better view of the garden since it wasn far from her room can believe Im married lost in thoughts she didn realize the door opened till when she heard a voice.

”sorry for intruding my lady ” said the maid while bowing her head. Ariyanna turned her head towards the direction she had heard the voice.

” we knocked but you didn answered so we thought of coming in but we can go out if you want ”said another willing to leave, before they heard her voice ”No need for that ”.

”The king send yours here my lady ” said the maid in a panick voice still bowing their heads.

” oh really ” said Ari in a calm tune.

”Yes Im Jane and shes Linda. we are your personal maids ” said Jane

”nice meeting you both ” Ariyanna

”need anything my lady ”said Linda still in panick.

”Don have to be scared and please raise your heads ” said Ari still in a calm tune

”Thanks my lady ” said Linda while raising her head but still scared.

”welcome ” Ari giving a smile

” My lady can we prepare a bath for you ” said Jane

”sure. please do ” said Ari

” ok my lady ” said both maids in Union before leaving.

”Hello ” said Berty standing at the door.

”Hello please come in ”said Ari

”Thanks Im Berty and you must be Ariyanna right ” said Berty in a polite tune.

”oh my ”said Ari in a panick tune ”Greetings empress ” while bowing her head.

”Oh greetings ” said Berty trying to hold a laugh.

”something wrong ” Ari a little bit tense.

” No, I just laughed because of your reaction a while ago ” said Berty trying to stay calm from laughing.

”oh ”Ari before they both laugh in Union.

” your quite funny ” said Berty trying to stop herself from laughing.

”wow and your quite different from what I thought ” said Ari in a calm tune.

” Really ” Berty in a calm tune.

” yeah ” said Ari

”so what were you expecting ” Berty while smiling.

” someone cold…. ”Ari but was cut off by Berty ” rude, Evil, annoying right ” still smiling.

”yeah something like that ” said Ari

” Now you know Im not like that ”Berty in a calm tune.

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