Wrath Empire

First Meeting 2

rest ” said Berty trying to put up a smile.

” Wow. So he marries only for alliance ” said Ari

” Yeah and the truth is I don expect anything more like Love cause I know I can have it ” said Berty in a calm tune.

”Why say so ” said Ari With a curious voice.

Berty chuckle before answering ”cause the emperor don fall in love.He is heartless so sweetheart don have hopes that one day he might fall in love with you ”.

”I can think that ” said Ari in a low voice.

”In our world, love is not in our dictionary welcome to our world. but he knows how to take care of you and your needs making you feel comfortable ”said Berty

” guess thats all I need ” said Ari

”I will take my leave now to go prepare for lunch ”Berty willing to leave

”ok next time ” said Ari with a wide smile.

” Yeah maybe we will chat tomorrow at the garden ” said Berty smiling

”sure thing empress ” said Ari .

”going to let leave so you can bath ” said Berty while looking at Jane and Linda.

”ok see you soon ” said Ari before hugging Berty.

”yeah ” said Berty before leaving.

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