Ellas POV

”Mmmmm…. oh yea, that hits the spot….mmmmm. ” He groaned, enjoying his time. I most certainly was not.

”Give me a blow job. ” he requested and I shook my head.

”Sorry, can do that. You have only paid for one hour of lap dancing with me. ” I looked down at the watch on my wrist and smirked, ”and unfortunately for you, my time is up. ” I said, getting off of him.

”Please, I will pay you more. ” I shook my head.

”Apologizes, but the rule here is you can get the same lady twice. you can pay for someone else, Im sure there is a lady better then me. ” with that, I turned and walked towards the bar.

”Eh, Theif. How was it, you make lot? ” I shrugged and pulled out some money from my bra.

”Not really, he didn have much in his wallet. Smart man, you should never carry more then you want to give at a club, never know what theif will be around. ” I said and gave him a wink.

”Alright, alright. anyways, why don you put your treasure in the staff room. After you are needed in room 305. ” the bartender said as he dried a glass, ”Hes a bigshot, paying a lot of money. The dude made a request to send our best. ”

”Okay, did he request any drinks to be brought up? ”

”Already had someone bring them up. ” I nodded and left to put my money away and to get ready.

I strutted down the halls of the building, all the way on the third floor. looking for the room that I am suppose to be in. It wasn long before I made it. I stood at the door and knocked before hearing a ”come in. ”

I had black, six inch stilettos, a black, lacy set of lingerie and a black, silk, see-through robe. My makeup was seductive, while my hair was tightly in a neat bun.

I slowly twisted the door knob and walked in. My hips swayed at the slow rythm I was walking while my feet stepped one in front of the other like a model. I looked at the bed to see him there. The person I am suppose to entertain, laying seductively with a glass of champagne in his hand.

”Welcome. ” his deep voice spoke, it was like heaven. He had dark black. His skin was slightly tanned and I could see his six pack. He didn have a shirt on, nor did he wear the robe that is offered in each room.

”Well, what are you waiting for? I am definitely not paying you to stand there and just stare at me. ” he smirked.

I closed my eyes and silently prayed. This was going to be a hot, steaming, long night. Somehow, I found the strength to move towards the bed.

I slowly opened my eyes to the bright sun that was shining through the window. I covered my eyes and went to turn over. That is when I realized that there was something preventing my movements. My eyes shot opened and I turned to my head to see what it was… or who it was.

my breath got stuck in my tongue as I realized I made a grave mistake. I am not suppose to spend the whole night with the clients, I am just supposed to have sex with them.

I carefully started to move away, sliding underneath his arm. Once I successfully did it, I got off the bed and started picking up my belongings. There was a new robe in the room, one that is for me, once I was done. I took it and put it on. I looked at the man sleeping on the bed and sighed before I went to the door.

I noticed that his suit jacket was hanging there, something that I didn notice yesterday. I looked back at the man to make sure he was asleep and went to the jacket. I stuck my hand in one of the pockets, nothing. I went to the other pocket, and when I felt something in it, I heard a cough.

I panicked and quickly took my hand out. Shit!

”Is that what you are told to do? Sleep with you clients, and then steal their stuff? ” I quickly turned my head to face him.

”I-its not what it looks like. ” He smirked.

”But it is. What is your name? ” he questioned

”Theif. ” I responded.

”You birth name. ”

I shook my head, ”Private information. ” with that, I quickly opened the door and sprinted down the halls until I got to the staff room. I through my lingerie in the basket there and took the clothes that I came with, changing into them.

My phone in my locker started to ring and I answered it. ”Finally you picked up! I called you ten times this morning. are you finished? Im waiting outside for you. ”

I smiled, ”Yea, sorry about that. I will explain once I get in the car, alright? See you in a moment. ” I ended the call before grabbing my stuff.

Once I left the building, I got into my friends parked car and explained almost everything, changing up the truth to make it seem like I was harrassed as a bartender, as she drove to the College.

My name is Elle Smith. I was born in London, England. My parents were always traveling so I moved all over the world with them. Unfortunately, I don remember a lot of the places we traveled to, but I do remeber when my parents left the picture. Once I finished school in London, I moved to Canada to study over board. I currently attend St Clair College, taking the Early Childhood Education program. .

Since I currently don have a home, I live in the dorms with my only friend, Alex Jones. I met her when we first becam

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