Let things as they are? Are you crazy? Expelled I don give a ** if I get expelled, there are plenty of colleges that I can choose to be in,I don care that Ill need to repeat the first year again but, Im not a coward I don give up so easily!

I tried to warn you,do as you please. You really are stubborn.

*After some courses later I hear a voice I heard not so long ago.* ”AKIO! ”

*Looking back I meet the sight of the omega I gave pills to.* Did, something happen?

”No,but i forgot that we need to exchange numbers so I can tell you when to come next week,at what bar and other informations. ”

*After exchanging numbers I go home and I suddenly get a message*

”We decided to not go to a bar but we will meet in the park at 9,then yall can come to my place,I have a spacious house it can shelter all of you for the night. The day well met is Friday because thats the day that gives us more free time and Im not referring to the next week I refer to this week because the next week will be full of exams for some of us and we will not have time for things like this for a few weeks. Friday its tomorrow so, prepare yourselves for the craziest night! ”

Did he seriously made a group chat just for that?

He sure is weird.

Craziest night,he says? Alright then I should get some sleep because tomorrow will be crazy,but first I should text auntie Reiko to tell her that I tried the pills,not that I really want to get into an argument with her for the reason I took them when Im not even close to my heat but Ill just make it so shell forgive me after its not like she isn going to find out about what Ive done,I only think I should take responsibility for the things I do.

Hey auntie Reiko I took one of the pills. ”

I didn even get to put my phone on the nightstand and I already get a message.

”Akio,you shouldn take only one,take 3 and I guarantee you that theyll keep the heat away.

But its better to take them tomorrow so you can keep it away from daily activities. ”

Ok, thanks for the advice.

”No problem,my dear nephew,sweet dreams!♥️ ”

*Waking up, going to college, coming home from college the moment has finally come, lets see that crazy night Akira was talking about.*

*Arriving to the park I search for Akira and I see him hes with his friends but one of them looks like someone I talked with. The boy that saved me from the teacher!*

”Akio,you finally arrived,where have you been its nearly 10. ”

Well I had something to do so I arrived later.

”Its okay and I think I should tell you who they are. This handsome boy here its Haruto. ”

*Why did he introduce him to me and with a smirk on the face,is he planning to get us together?*

We already met each other.

”Huh?? You already did? Then I guess its natural that you didn get shy when you saw him,the omegas that see him always get shy so it would be something like a miracle if you were to not know him and if you were to not get shy. Do you even think hes hot? Look at him,his face is gorgeous.

Yeah,it is gorgeous but I don think its worth it to get shy over a face, hes beautiful and he looks like himself. *I notice the blushing on his face,clearly saying indirectly that he liked what I said. I hear Akira saying:

”Now we can go to my house but we will need to split and instead of staying all in one room, we
e gonna make groups of 2, we
e 8 so.

Daiki you
e gonna stay with me,

Iro you
e gonna stai with Kyoko

Asahi you
e gonna stai with Hiromi.

Akio you
e gonna stay with Haruto. ”

With Haruto? Why can I stay with you?

”Because me and Daiki have something to do together and we can accept to be bothered by someone. So you have to stay with Haruto.*

But hes an alpha!

”And? Are you scared of alphas or something? Did one of them do something to you? Haruto did you do something to him? I doubt you did something but this coward doesn want to stay in the same room with you. ”

I didn do anything,but as Akio says I think its a little too early to sleep together in the same room. Especially that Im an alpha and he might be scared,why can I stay with Iro, hes an Beta or with Hiromi, shes an omega but i won touch her in any way because I don touch anyone without consent and because shes a girl and I don like girls. If Akio is uncomfortable you should listen to his point of view too.

”I already decided who you
e gonna stay with in the room Ill put you in so no need to get so serious about changing the room partner. This is my final decision. ”

Ok then,but i don know why I suspect you
e trying to do something that I don know about.

”Im that obvious? ”


”I know but come on its not like you two are gonna ** If yall stay in the same room its just about a night,you two shouldn be stubborn about it if its only for a day. ”


*Arriving at Akiras house,we start going into the rooms,the house looked so full he sure is from a rich family. I doubt he isn from one,only the living room looks like the one the ordinary noble family will have.*

*He guides us to the room we
e gonna sleep in and it looked amazing and suitable for hook ups and other dirty things but the attention wasn paid on this it was paid on the numerous drawers.*

”This is the room you two are gonna sleep in,have fun! ” *He says before slamming the door with the force of a sex addict.*

What did he mean by ”Have fun„?

I don really know hes always been like this,says things and when hes asked to reply on what they mean he is never replying.

Its kinda strange.

Anyways would you like to play some games?

Yes what kind of games?

Some games like chess or phone games.

Chess sounds great!

I know lets play some. It should be under the bed this is where I left it the last time I came here.

You were here before?

Yes of course,I know this room better than he knows it. Found it!

Did you have one night stands here?

Yes,I tried to have one night stands with some of the omegas in my school,mostly females because I liked to experience with them my actual sexual attraction and I had some one night stands but they didn get to an end and I can actually say one night stands because we were at the point where we would ** but we never got there because their stubbornness was too annoying for me to handle.

I understand so should we start playing, Im pretty good at chess.

You won again??*After the second round of chess I was already giving up, hes just too good at it Im no one compared to him in the domain of chess.*

I guess I really have a good luck.

*That smile when hes teasing me! Is he trying to make me feel bad? But what will he win if he does this? I hate being teased. Why do I have the sudden urge to make a nest? But i don have with what this place looks like if I take some space from it all the drawers are gonna fall on me and I wouldn like to get a lump…*

Would holding onto him make me lose this feeling of making nests? What Im saying? Why would I hold onto him? Its not like we
e mated or something…*

Hey, won you like another kind of game?

Sure,what kind?

A fun game, I suggest you should get prepared for it, this game its made to last for hours or in happier situations days.

I don understand…

Then… Ill make you understand.

Waking up felt like hell,just where Im and what did I do last night? My mind was confused and my heart was racing. Looking to my left I find some cash.* Who does he think Im? A slut? Im a sketch book or something? Why did he leave cash its not like we
e at the hotel and he needs to pay.*

*It seems like he dressed me up after the thing.*

”Akio,are you still in there? ”


”Can I enter? ”

Of course you can!

”I need you to tell me what happened last night! I heard noises! Moaning noises! Did you use protection? ”

What are you talking about?

”Don act dumb I heard everything. ”

Ok, and?

”Did you use protection? ”

If i were to tell you the truth Ill say…no,he didn use it, you see I was in heat and I couldn control myself so I wasn thinking about protection at the time.

”Did he at least pull out? ”

No he didn ,in fact he actually knotted me the second time.

”What? There was a second time? ”

Yes, luckily there were only two times.

”Its still risky I suggest you should start thinking about baby names. ”

Im not thinking about anything! Im not pregnant and even if I turn out to be pregnant, Ill get rid of it.

”Your choice,but don say I didn warn you after a month I suggest you take a test if you take it now it won show results take it after a month or earlier if you experience symptoms. ”

Just shut up! Im one hundred percent sure Im not pregnant.

”Ok, if you think so,ok but don say I didn warn ya. ”

*Taking my jacket I leave Akiras house without even saying goodbye. Who does Haruto think he is? Knotting me like that,cumming in me two times, Im not his cumslut! Even if it turns out Im pregnant with his child Im getting rid of it,I don need a child at this age.*

*Arriving home couldn be better.*

”Akio how was your day,sweet- ”

*I ignore mom, reaching my room I enter it throwing myself on the bed. Tears falling down my face. You idiot why didn you stop? Why did you crave sex? Why Im such a slut? Why Im an omega? Is this what I get for the incident that happened two years ago?.*

”Akio… ”

*Mary!* Yeah?

”I heard it all,you know you were thinking out loud, right? ”


”Can you explain what happened in detail? ”

Well,I was hanging out with my friend and some of his friends,he split all of us in rooms where I stayed with an Alpha named Haruto and without realising,my heat begun to show. I acted like a slut in front of him and he got along with it, he didn use protection and he came two times inside of me…

”Inside?? ”


”What if you get pregnant? ”

Im getting rid of it.

”Im afraid you can get rid of it, you see even if your dad wasn so accepting with Ayumi it was because she was 16 and a minor but you
e an adult so he won let you get rid of it. ”

How will he know if I don tell him?

”Akio,you dummy when an omega is pregnant they usually look more pleasant,they look like they
e sparkling. Hell notice and if you try to get rid of it he won let you to even think about having an abortion. ”

Then what will I do? Im too imature to raise a child…

”Don worry Im here to help you. Ill be the best auntie your child can ever have! ”

e so sweet,Mary! *I said while hugging her. ”

*You received one message.*

What message?

”Akio,I want to have a short talk with you. ”

Who are you.

”The one that **ed you last night~ ”

What brings you into my messages?

”Chill out I didn kill you or something. I was just trying to talk to you. ”

About what?

”The money you found after I left. ”

What about them?

”Consider them a form of child support. ”

We weren even married.

”I know,I just like to call it child support. ”

Ok,but there was no need to give me money.

”There was, the child that will probably grow in you is mine too I should show it a little bit of love. ”

e sick.

”I know. ”

You know what? just,get out of my mind and messages!

”You know I can do that,you were too good last night,so submissive of you, sucking my cock with no shame, playing with it while getting aroused. The red face you made,the little smile when you fell asleep. The smile showed me you enjoyed it way too much. ”

Just shut up! I didn enjoy it.

”You didn even try to run away you were just doing your thing. I wasn the one that pushed myself down and suddenly started to ride it like a slut that craves dick. ”

”You were pretty scared of it,was it because of its size? ”

Its not that I was scared,I was thinking it won fit!

”You were surely thinking that since you
e tight. It fit better because you were driping and you weren raw,I wouldn ** you on raw if it was to be a situation where you craved my dick while you were still raw I would refuse. ”

Like I care, you
e not the only man I can ask for help. Im pretty sure there are plenty of men that will ** me if I only say I crave sex, I think you are having though including a thing you believe in: That only because you **ed me Im no one without you.

”Its not my thought. But i guess I should let your stressed mind rest for a while don you think I exhausted it? ”

Yes you did, now don message me again!

”Who was it? You looked pretty nervous while looking at the phone,you were typing aggressively! ”

Its the Alpha that **ed me last night,he wanted to have a small talk and he ended up thinking Im no one without him.

He is clearly out of his mind if he thinks he affects me in any ways.

”Well it affects, while raising the possible child it will need an alpha figure,his dad. I think hes subtly saying that he wants to be in your life and in the kids life too? So don be dumb and action Im sure hell be a good dad. ”

Him? A good dad? He left while leaving money naming the money child support!

”Then I guess he isn that good,but i think its worth it to give him a chance,you know maybe he deserves one. I suggest you should pray you don get pregnant if you don think he deserves a chance. But if you do,to make the child happy you should give him a chance to be a part of the kids life. ”

I guess you
e right,if I want to make myself happy after I give birth of it will be the case Itll be necessary to make the baby happy too.

My stubbornness won solve anything it will only make things worse and I wouldn like to make them words than they already are,it will be a waste of time.

”You see? Thats what Im saying! If hes willing to help let him help, its not like you two are obligated to actually date. ”

e right with this too,we aren obligated to date.

”You see you just need to wait a little before taking the test and then if its positive that means a mini you will be spawned into the house and Ill watch the little thing grow. ”

e already saying things that get me emotional!

”Since when are you this sensible? ”

Since now!

”It would be good if the child will get some of your facial features the childish look would look amazing. ”

e making me cry by even thinking about it. I guess I should see what happened in a few weeks to make sure if Im pregnant or not,if Im not pregnant then its ok but if Im its still ok,but it will be difficult to raise the child.

”I know but I actually think youll make a good mother. ”

*Staying in my bed I feel like the world is spinning as I think of the fact that I might be pregnant with Harutos child, its not that it scares me but all of it happened in a blink. He isn even here next to me, helping me raise it if Im pregnant, ”good father ” bullshit!*

*You received one message*

If its him again Im gonna throw hands.

”Hey,Akio! ”

Hey, auntie.

”How are you? ”

Im okay, you?

”Im also okay. I was thinking since the summer break is starting, would you like to go on a trip with us? Me and your uncle already planned everything. ”

Yes,I will surely enjoy going on a trip with you two since I didn see you in ages.

”Are you ok if your cousin comes with us too? ”

Sure, hes my cousin why wouldn I be ok with it its your child after all you can take him on trips and treks whenever you like.

”Ok then, Im sure hell be happy to see you after all this time,you were really appropriated. You two were always complaining when you needed to go home. So, if you agreed,bye! ”


*Wasn I so speedy with my answer to the question, if I really have a child growing inside of me,i shouldn risk it in trips,but now its too late to say no…I guess going on a trip won kill me,or it will?*

*Laying in my bed I receive a call*

”Private number ”

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